Cavallino magazine 170

April / May 2009

  • Language: American English American English
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 88 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Journal of Ferrari History

On the cover two rare gems, exhibited at the 2009 Cavallino Classic David Brady

Table of Contents

2 Ecco
What we have for you in this number 170
Ferrari SpA
3 Cavallino reader services
Making your life a bit simpler
Michael Gregg
6 Ferrari F60 debuts at Mugello
Formula One Championship

At the annual press conference in Scarper, on January 12, 2009, to present the new Ferrari Grand Prix car, the F60, Stefano Domenicali, Director of the Ferrari Formula One Team, was the first to speak about this car and its compliance with the new rules for the 2009 season. He then spoke about the team's goals for the 2009 season: "Staying on top."

Cavallino Staff, Ferrari SpA
8 Rétromobile 2009
More dealers, less parts, but still a must

For it thirty fourth edition, the Rétromobile classic car show was in sync with the latest world automotive mantra of "going green" with the show's main theme, loosely translated: "New energies have more than one century." It presented about twenty historical vehicles of various propulsions, like the "Jamais Contente" (Never Satisfies) electric car from 1899, the Nantes's tram of compressed air from 1879 and the Krieger's Limousine electric from 1908.

Arnaud Meunier, Vincent Yernaux, Keith Bluemel   Arnaud Meunier, Hugo Garritsen
11 Ferraris at the Scottsdale Auctions

RM Arizona - January 16, 2009 Gooding Scottsdale - January 17, 2009 Barret-Jackson - January 11-18, 2009 Russo Scottsdale - January 14-18, 2009

Rick Carey
14 125 C
A dream becomes a reality

Shortly after his separation with Alfa Romeo, at the end of the year 1939, Enzo Ferrari founded the company Auto Avio Costruzioni, a custom machine shop based at Modena in the buildings of his former racing team. He has arranged a particular to machine parts for the Roman Campagnia Nazionale Aeronautica. In December, Alberto Ascari and the Marquis Lotario Rangoni Machiavelli come to meet him at Viale Trento Trieste to ask him to build two cars to compete in the 1940 GP Brescia delle 1000 Miglia.

Arnaud Blanfuney   Courtesy The Ludvigsen Library, Courtesy Adriano Cimarosti Collection, Courtesy Archivio Millanta, Courtesy The Klemantaski Collection, Courtesy Antic Car Club de Catalunya
25 Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 18

Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge at Palm Beach International Raceway - January 23, 2009 Jet Aviation hosts "La Bella Macchina" Showboats Yacht Hop exceeds expectations Concorso d'Eleganza at the Breakers - January 24, 2009 Classic Sports Sunday at Mar-a-Lago - January 25, 2009

Cavallino Staff, Ed & Sherry Gilbertson   David Brady, Michael Gregg, Doc Pike
41 Deep in the Heart of Texas
Ferrari 375 MM, s/n 0286 AM

Ferrari 375 MM, s/n 0286 AM, had a glorious racing history spanning Italy, Germany, Mexico, both Coasts of the U.S. and Nassau. Its drivers included Alberto Ascari, Giuseppe Farina, Luigi Villoresi, Luigi Chinetti, Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles. After car's owner, Lou Brero, died from burns suffered at a race in Hawaii in 1957, Lou Brero, Jr. kept his father's Ferrari in a container in remote Northern California for almost forty years.

Michael T. Lynch   Dick Thompson / Ferrari Market Letter Collection
44 Lettere
Some thoughts and opinions from your fellow readers, on a variety of subjects
Courtesy Alexis Callier, Courtesy Robert Donner, Courtesy Harley E. Cluxton, III, Jerry McDermott, Rain Tomson, Stanley Ross, Roland Bloch
50 Calendario
Where the Ferraris are and will be in 2009
51 A Guide to all Ferraris produced
Plus the market as of April 1, 2009... from a survey of selected dealers

A list of all the Ferraris, with dates, s/n ranges, current values, and some comments from your staff.

59 Galleria
Some products and services of interest to you