Cavallino magazine 150

December 2005 / January 2006

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  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 72 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Journal of Ferrari History

On the cover the Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa, s/n 004 C, photographed in Florida Jerry Wyszatycki

Table of Contents

2 Ecco
Here is what we have for you in this issue 150
James LaTourrette
3 Cavallino 150
Our thanks to all who helped us reach our goals

This is our 150th issue of Cavallino, a very pleasant milestone. We wish to thank all the good people who have helped us to realise our goal of making Cavallino one of the finest magazines in existence. At the outset, it all begins with Enzo Ferrari, and the exciting automobiles he has created. Without him and his efforts, we would have nothing to publish, and we would not have had the fun we have had for the last several decades.

6 Calendario
Where the Ferraris are in 2005 and 2006
8 Ferrari in GT racing for 2005 - the season continues
GT Racing continues to be kind to Ferrari, with 575 GTC finally showing great form

GT Ferraris continue to do well against Maseratis, Aston Martins and Corvettes in FIA GT and LMES. FIA GT - Oschersleben - August 28 FIA GT - Istanbul - September 18 FIA GT - Zhuhai, China - October 23 LMES - Nürburgring - September 4

Keith Bluemel, Hugo Garritsen   FIA GT
11 2005 was never a good year in Formula One for theta, but we hold steadfast to the end
Formula One

Ferrari's Grand Prix season winds down to a lonely end, with very little cheer. Reports on Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Japan and China. Turkey - August 21 Italy - September 4 Belgium - September 11 Brazil - September 25 Japan - October 9 China - October 16

Keith Bluemel   Ferrari SpA
16 Ferrari traditions in Florida
The origins of the Cavallino Classic, and its roots in Florida racing

The Cavallino Classic celebrates its 15th year, in a timely conjunction with this 150th issue of Cavallino. Being part of a tradition is exciting, but actually starting a tradition is more meaningful. Therefore, this is the story of how the Cavallino Classic began in Southern Florida, and developed into the premier worldwide Ferrari meet. While Cavallino magazine had its first issue in September/October 1978, the Cavallino Classic didn't follow until 1992.

Jerry McDermott   James LaTourette
28 004C
Early, rare and original, a microcosm of Ferrari History at the beginning

Spyder Corsa 004C contains parts from the very beginning of what we know of as Ferrari Automobili. 004C has been owned by the Clark family since 1964, first by Henry Austin Clark, Jr., and since 1973 by his son James H. Clark. Jim has been largely responsible for the preservation of what is an artifact from the beginning of Ferrari production. The major mechanical components are an assemblage of castings that date to mid-1946, months before the first Ferrari engine ran on a primitive dynamometer at Maranello.

David Seielstad, James Clark   Alberto Sorlini, Auto Italiana, Jerry Wyszatycki, Courtesy James Clark
44 A Man of Qualities
A pictorial tribute to Enzo Ferrari, to whom we are al indebted, from some of the world's leading artists.

It is no simple matter to say that this journal you are holding would not exist at all, no less reach its 150th issue, if the subject of this magazine had not been born, or more importantly, had been born but had taken a different direction in life, and had not achieved what he had in the world of automobiles. There is no myth of Ferrari, as some of the more florid authors and enthusiast would have us believe: rather the reality of Ferrari is hard fact.

William Motaa, Craig Warwick, Barry Rowe, Bill Neale, Dennis Brown, Ken Dallison
58 The End of an Era
The F2004 as the culmination of another golden era for Scuderia Ferrari

If 2005 in Formula dit not turn out to be a year to remember at Ferrari, then at least the Team can have the profound satisfaction of looking back proudly at an overwhelming era of unashamed superiority in racing that encompassed the six years preceding. For the years from 1999 to 2004, Ferrari won the Campionato del Mondo Costruttori, and the six years were in succession, something never achieved before in automobile Grand Prix racing.

Thierry Thompson, Paolo d'Alessio
68 FXX - "Enzo in Extremis"
Ferrari demonstrates the new race car at Mugello - it is the Enzo Supreme

In June of 2005, Ferrari sprung a surprise announcement on the motoring world and Ferrari enthusiasts in particular, with the unveiling of the "Extreme Enzo" carrying the model name FXX. This nomenclature supposedly refers to "F" for Ferrari, with the "XX" being the Roman numeral for twenty, the number of examples to be produced, although it is understood that the total production run will now be twenty nine examples, such has been the demand for this track use only car.

Keith Bluemel   Keith Bluemel
82 A Guide to all Ferraris produced
Plus the market as of December 1, 2005... from a survey of selected dealers

Expanded with more information, model type, s/n range, etc. Continually updated!

Keith Bluemel
88 Galleria
Some products and services of interest, from Ferrari people who want to reach you