Cavallino magazine 111

June / July 1999

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: John W. Barnes Jr.
  • Publisher: Cavallino Inc.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 64 pages

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

On the cover a test drive of the Ferrari 333 SP, s/n 019, at the Cavallino Classic VIII Jerry Wyszatycki

Table of Contents

2 Ecco
Our program for this issue: enjoy
Jerry Wyszatycki

Our program fro this issue: enjoy
Jerry Wyszatycki
3 Some notes on the Dino 166/206 S
Comments from your fellow enthusiasts
Dr. Aldo Zana   Dr. Aldo Zana, Graham Gauld, Courtesy Ferrari SpA
16 Mercato
The market as of June 1, 1999, from a survey of selected dealers
18 Notizie
News of interest in the Ferrari World

Ferraris at the Amsterdam Auto Show - February 2-14, 1999 Ferraris at Retromobile - February 12-21, 1999

Hugo Garritsen, Pierre Goossens
20 Ferrari 360 Modena introduction
Geneva Motor Show - March 11-21, 1999

Ferrari had a very good year in 1998, and the firm chose the Geneva Auto Show as a forum to announce all the good tidings from the previous year. Ferrari gave the 360 Modena its world public launch. This new car will go on sale in late Spring, 1999, and replaces the Ferrari F355.

Marcel Massini, Hugo Garritsen   Marcel Massini, Hugo Garritsen, Alexis Callier
Ferrari's new tipo introduced at Geneva, 1999

The latest rendition of the V-8 series has arrived, and it is a radical departure for Ferrari, in terms of styling and construction. We present the new model in Ferrari's words, from their own press-kit for the car. It expresses their hopes and desires for the millennium. Complete specifications included.

Ferrari S.p.A.   Hidenobu Tanaka, Keisuke Maeda
34 Ferrari 333 SP Test Drive - the Ride of a Lifetime
It can't get much better than this, a drive in the Daytona and Sebring winner of 1998, the Momo 333 SP, s/m 019.

Your intrepid correspondent takes a Ferrari 333 SP, s/n 019, to the track at Moroso during the Cavallino Classic, and comes back on a true high.

Marc Sonnery   Jerry Wyszatycki
44 The Racing Prince
The Gentlemen Driver par Excellence

For a racing enthusiast, this had to be an ideal life - to have the money and the time to buy Ferraris and go racing, Gaetano Starrabba did just that, in an era when the talented amateur could enter and do well.

Marcel Massini   Prince Starrabba
48 The Season opens with a sense of Deja Vue
Formula One Championship

Australian Grand Prix - March 7, 1999 Brazilian Grand Prix - April 11, 1999 San Marino Grand Prix - May 2, 1999

Marc Sonnery   Autosport
50 Galleria
Products and services worth of attention
49 European Series more successful for Ferrari
ISRS Championship

The ISRS events seem to be tailor-made for the F333 SP, and eight of them were on hand for the second round at Monza. The winners were Collard/Sospiri in the Jabouille-Bouresche F333 SP, s/n 023, and while they had to do battle with their seven brethren, and a host of x-brand competitors, they held out to the end.

David Seibert   Henry Kistler, Lilo Kistler
Second Florida Race disappoints
ALMS Championship

After the good results at Daytona, there was much hope for Sebring, but all the five Ferraris could do was manage a sixth place, all the rest were DNFs for a variety of small reasons, but overall the Ferraris were definitely outclassed by newer machinery with more powerful engines.

David Seibert   Robert Pease
98 Mercato
The market as of Xxxx 1, 1999, from a survey of selected dealers
99 Galleria
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast