Cavallino magazine 107

October / November 1998

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  • Editor: John W. Barnes Jr.
  • Publisher: Cavallino Inc.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 56 pages
  • Code: ISBN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

On the cover the Ferrari 375 MM, s/n 0402 AM, photographed in Pebble Beach, California David Newhardt

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2 Ecco
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Tony Watson, Juan Alberto Molinari, Lance Hill, Alexis Callier, Michele Werts, David D. Love, Jess Pourret, Michael T. Lynch, Bernard Carl, Wayne L. Harvey   Steven Tee, Courtesy of FF Galleria, Michiel Mulder, Dr. Wayne Harvey
14 Ferraris congregate in Canada for FCA Major Meet

The Canadian region of the Ferrari Club of America hosted the big annual event this year, and everyone who made the trek north had an excellent time. Canada is at its best in June, and several hundred Ferraris enjoyed track days at Mosport, a rally through the scenic mountains, and of course, the annual Concours.

Alan Boe
Ferraris overshadowed at Goodwood, but it was fun
Goodwood Festival of Speed - Goodwood England - June 12-14, 1998

The now famous and fabulous Goodwood Festival of Speed in June highlighted Porsche, of course, since this year is the marque's 50th anniversary. Also, Indy cars and drivers were presented. Therefore, the Ferrari contingent was small, but it was select, with several cars not seen in public for awhile.

Keith Bluemel, Marcel Massini   Keith Bluemel
15 Ferraris (and others) gather in Pennsylvania

The big Reading meet hosted each year by Pietro and Vicki Castiglioni, was held on a beautiful spring day on May 17, 1998. The theme was Boxers, and thirty examples were in attendance, out of over 100 other Ferraris. The Guest of Honor was Nino Ninucci, longtime President of the Ferrari Club of Forli, near Imola, Italy.

Mark Wallach   Mark Wallach
16 Mercato
The market as of October 1, 1998, from a survey of selected dealers
15 Ohio hosts classic cars ... and Ferraris

You may be surprised to learn than Cincinnati and its suburbs conceal a large group of automobile collections and collectors. Over 170 cars show up each year at the Concours d'Elegance at Ault Park to benefit the Arthritis Foundation.

David C. Wendt   David C. Wendt
14 GTOs gather for a special outing
GTO House Party hosted by Brandon Wang - July 23, 1998

We've spoken of all the great racing Ferraris that come out for the Coys Historic Festival at Silverstone, and one owner of a GTO decided to make the most of the situation. Brandon and Eileen Wang invited all the GTOs to their place a few days before Coys started, and had twelve GTOs and two 330 LMBs spread out on the back lawn. A splended sight.

Keith Bluemel   Keith Bluemel
15 Ferrari Museum of Art invites ... Art
Ferrari Brunch - Hakone, Japan - May 17, 1998

Every year, Mr. Yoshiho Matsuda hosts a "Ferrari Brunch" at his world famous Ferrari Museum in Hakone near Mt. Fuji. The wooded setting is stunning, and of course, inside the buildings are over fifty of Mr. Matsuda's personal Ferraris. Outside were over 200 Ferraris this year from all over Japan, since the event is not to be missed.

Junichiro Hiramatsu   Junichiro Hiramatsu
18 A Mexican muddle - the shortest Formula One career on record
Fortune does not always smile on talent

By any standard, 1967 was a pretty wretched year for Ferrari. The Scuderia continued to field one Formule One car for Chris Amon but could find very little use for me. I had been hired the previous winter with a specific brief - to drive the brand new F2 car that Mauro Forghieri and Co. had come up with.

Jonathan Williams   Courtesy of Jonathan Williams
15 Nürburgring entertains Grand Prix Cars
Uwe Meissner Meeting - Nürburgring, Germany - July 1-2, 1998

Uwe Meissner of Modena Motorsport in Germany organizes this special event each year, and while many Ferraris attend, the focus is on Formule One Ferraris. This year saw thirteen examples, the earliest being a 312 B2, s/n 005, to an F310 B, s/n 176, of recent vintage. Interestingly, the older cars are easier to store, repair, maintain and start than the newer cars. Why? Electronics.

Hugo Garritsen   Hugo Garritsen
21 Superamerica Saved - Truly Lost, but not forgotten and finally found
The saga of the 410 Superamerica, 0671 SA

Very little has been written about one of the most special 410 Superamericas, s/n 0671 SA. Even fewer photographs have been seen. Not only did this car have a one off special body by Scaglietti, with twin 50 liter fuel tanks and English Smith's instruments, but is also was the only 410 Superamerica to receive a special uprated engine equipped with three Weber 40 IF4C four barrel carburetors. This car, the only Scaglietti bodied 410, has a most interesting history, having fallen into the very "depths" of despair and yet, thanks to a tremendous effort by its current owner, has now risen phoenix like from its own ashes.

Greg Garrison   Pat Garrison
28 One the Road again - Rossellini 375 MM, s/n 0402 AM revived
In part two, we see this unique machine after a thorough restoration

One of the most stunning, interesting, and important coachbuilt Ferraris from the 1950s, is a right hand driver 375 MM Scaglietti bodied coupe, s/n 0402 AM. Originally built as a 375 MM Pinin Farina competition spyder painted rossa corsa with a beige interior, although no pictures have been uncovered of the car waring its spyder body. Completed in the spring of 1954, s/n 0402 AM was sold to Italian film director, Roberto Rossellini.

Alan Boe   Alan Boe
34 Ferrari At Le Mans, 1998
In part two, the drivers have their say on what went well and what went wrong

After the obvious performance advantage of GT cars at Le Mans in 1997, few expected to see any Ferraris participating this year, first due to the lack of any Ferrari GT contender, second, the increasing performance gap between the GT class and prototypes, and third, the age of the F333 SP concept (1994).

Marc Sonnery   John Sinkgraven
38 Historic Challenge blooms in Europe
Challenge Storico Ferrari Shell

This already strong series continues to attract even better grids, as can be seen at Spa, Dijon, and Silverstone. What helps, of course, is the close proximity of all the great race tracks, non more than a two day drive from anywhere in Europe. Second is the strong sponsorship dollars supplied by Shell and others to promote the events; crowds are in the tens of thousands. The result has been outstanding grids, in terms of both quantity and quality.

Pierre Goossens, Andreas Meiniger, Michiel Mulder, Hugo Garritsen   Andreas Meiniger, Pierre Goossens
41 Tensions mount, can Ferrari do it?
Formula One Championship

British Grand Prix - July 12, 1998 Austrian Grand Prix - July 26, 1998 German Grand Prix - August 2, 1998 Hungarian Grand Prix - August 16, 1998 Belgian Grand Prix - August 30, 1998

Marc Sonnery
40 U.S. Historic Series grows at Lime Rock

Two very sepecial Ferraris were first seen recently at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. The Ferrari 365 P2, s/n 0838, of Peter Sachs, and the Ferrari 365 P2/3, s/n 0832, of Bob Dusek. Wonderful to see and hear!

Edward Hyman   Edward Hyman
42 Galleria
Products and services worthy of attention
40 European Challenge expands

In the former East Germany, there was a race circuit called Motopark Oschersleben, which had fallen into disuse. After reunification, it was revived last year, and this year in July the Ferrari importer to Germany organized its first ever meet there. Included in the show were race for modified and street Ferraris, demonstration runs of Ferrari Grand Prix cars, open track time for older production Ferraris, and races for the western and central divisions of the Ferrari Challenge.

Hugo Garritsen   Hugo Garritsen
Japanese Challenge never falters

A good field of Ferraris always is on hand at the F355 Challenge races here: the drivers are very competitive, and the cars are very well prepared, and very well sponsored.

Junichiro Hiramatsu   Junichiro Hiramatsu
Ferrari makes ISRS Series its own

At the first race at Paul Ricard, Didier Theys and Fredy Lienhard won in the F333 SP, s/n 012. The next three race have been taken by s/n 022 of the Jabouille-Bouresche team!

John Brooks
Battle intensifies in U.S. series

The F333 SP racers in Professional Sports Car Racing have come up against some strong opposition, but they continue to lead in overall points. At Lime Rock in May, Fredy Lienhard and Didier Theys took a good second place, while the Doyle/Risi s/n 018 of Wayne Taylor and Eric van der Poele was in third.