Cavallino magazine 106

August / September 1998

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  • Editor: John W. Barnes Jr.
  • Publisher: Cavallino Inc.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 72 pages
  • Code: ISBN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

On the cover the Ferrari 275 GTB/4, s/n 10711, photographed in Lake Forest, Illinois Benjamin Bailar

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Daniel Brooks, Alexis Callier, David G. Seibert, Steve Tillack, Dave Maestrejuan, David P. Dupont, Yves-Armel Collinot, Leonardo Freyrie   Courtesy of Daniel Brooks, Parker Hall, Nigel Snowdon, David P. Dupont, Leonardo Freyrie
14 Another era comes to an end
Garage Francorchamps

Jacques Swaters, founder of the justifiably famed Garage Francorchamps, the official importer of Ferraris to Belgium (and Luxembourg) for forty six years announced recently that he has sold the business to Maranello Concessionaires, the longtime importer of Ferraris to Great Britain. The English company is actually named Ferrari UK now, and is actually owned by Inchcape Motors, the world's largest independent importer and distributor of motor cars.

Jean M. Lemoine, Courtesy of FF Galleria
18 Mercato
The market as of August 1, 1998, from a survey of selected dealers
21 Ferrari at Le Mans 1998
Ferrari takes a first and third in class at the French 24 Hour Classic

Although there were no official Ferraris at the race, it was still very interesting for Ferrari enthusiasts around the world. As many as four Ferrari F33 SPs were entered by private teams. All four entrants had their own approach to preparing for the event and small aerodynamic differences could be seen among the teams. Most notably, the Jabouille Ferrari featured curved extensions on the rear body panel, classifying the car as a "long tail" and slightly increasing its top speed.

John Sinkgraven   John Sinkgraven
26 A California Privateer
Beverly Spencer

In that golden era, it was possible for a man of taste and vision to buy great Ferraris and go racing. The life and times of Beverly Spencer - one of the most notable California private entrants. A special time recounted with devotion by his son.

Roy Spencer   Courtesy of Roy Spencer
32 Four-Cam reborn
Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Scaglietti Berlinetta, s/n 10711

Having your Ferrari restored in Italy makes sense when you have Ferrari's former crafstmen doing the work. They are still there, retired, but still active, still bending metal. Restoring a car in Italy requires patience, but the rewards are well worth the wait.

Richard Fritz   Benjamin F. Bailar
40 Pinin Farina takes a Gamble
This 250 Europa GT, s/n 0403GT had interesting features that would bear fruit a decade later

Ferrari's early coachbuilders would often try new design ideas, some good, some not, and others were before their time.

Marcel Massini, Jess Pourret   Marcel Massini
46 Early season setbacks spawn mid-season triumphs!
Formula One Championship

Spanish Grand Prix - May 10, 1998 Monaco Grand Prix - May 24, 1998 Canadian Grand Prix - June 7, 1998 French Grand Prix - June 28, 1998

Marc Sonnery
47 Surprise Ferrari winner at the Tour Auto
Tour Auto - Paris to La Rochelle, France - April 15-18, 1998

Ferrari participation in this popular event on the classic calendar, which is the first major European sortie of the year, was, as in previous years, high in numbers and quality. Within the two hundred plus cars that gathered in the Trocadero Gardens, in a distinctly chilly Paris, for technical verification on Tuesday, April 14, were a total of thirty eight Ferraris.

Keith Bluemel, Marcel Massini, Pierre Goossens, Andreas Meiniger   Andreas Meiniger
48 Mille Miglia attracts the finest - again
16th Mille Miglia Storica - Brescia-Rome-Brescia - May 14-18, 1998

The variety of early Ferrari models at this Italian classic is always rewarding, and 1998 was no exception. Warm sunny days and cool nights gave everyone a pleasant time, with only localized inclement weather. The most important gathering point is tech inspection at Brescia, where all the cars are on display, with owners, drivers, mechanics, families, enthusiasts, etc. in attendance.

Marcel Massini, Pierre Goossens, Vincent Yernaux, Henry T. Kistler   Andreas Meiniger, Vincent Yernaux, Henry T. Kistler
49 Spa Ferrari Days reaches tenth year

This Ferrari extravaganza attracts the best cars and drivers from all over Europe (and from other continents as well) to the famous Spa circuit on the first weekend of May. It was rainy and foggy for the three day event, which included the Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge, the F355 Challenge, and the races for modified Ferrari street and/or race cars or recent vintage.

Pierre Goossens, Hugo Garritsen, Andreas Meiniger   Andreas Meiniger, Hugo Garritsen
50 Historic Racing reaches U.S.

This is not quite true, as many Ferrari owners have been racing, as opposed to parading, their cars at vintage events in America for many years, most notably at the Monterey Historic Races, but recently the first race was run here of the Shell Historic Challenge, the exciting series that has proved to be very succesful in Europe.

David Seibert   Alan Boe
51 Galleria
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