Cavallino magazine 93

June / July 1996

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: John W. Barnes Jr.
  • Publisher: Cavallino Inc.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 56 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cover photograph of the Ferrari F50, s/n 103806 Marc Sonnery

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
The Klemantaski Collection
4 Lettere
Daniel Case, Walter W. Bailey, Marcel Massini, David A. Sydorick, John R. Upton Jr., Michitake Isobe, Parker Hall, Aunti Loch-Braiques   Daniel Case, Courtesy of David Sydorick, Tony Watson
10 Ferraris never die

Upholding Ferrari's honor at the "Rides of March" vintage races at Sears Point on March 31, 1996, was Richard Mattei in his brilliant blue 1955 Ferrari 250 Europa GT, s/n 0383 GT, with an early Pinin Farina berlinetta body. This is considered the first production "Tour de France" and was believed to have been displayed at the 1955 Paris Salon.

Vic Oliver
History nearly gone
Modena Aerodrome

The control tower is all that is left of the great old Modena Aerodromo, used by Ferrari, Maserati and others in the early days to test cars. Many a vintage photograph was taken here of Enzo Ferrari, his staff of engineers and mechanics, and his drivers, not forgetting, of course, the Ferraris themselves. The simple pits were right in front of the control tower, which will now be torn down soon, as Modena makes a park of the long abandoned airfield.

Marcel Massini   Marcel Massini
12 Tour de France Auto draws a stellar Ferrari entry
Ferraris in the Tour de France Auto - April 23-27, 1996
Marcel Massini, Pierre Goossens, Keith Bluemel, Henry T. Kistler   Keith Bluemel, Henry T. Kistler
10 Geneva Motor Show surprise
Ferrari 456 GTA 2+2

Showing up unannounced at the Geneva Motor Show was this automatic gearbox Ferrari 456 GT 2+2. Nothing external gave it away, only the gear lever itself and a small tag on the dash, 456 GTA. This is s/n 103763, and although it was the first one seen in public, we can't say if this is the first GTA ever made.

Marcel Massini   Marcel Massini
14 Scuderia Parravano!
The Ferraris (and others) of the legendary Tony Parravano

This is being the final tabulation of Ferraris and Maseratis owned and raced by that elusive campaigner of Italian race case, Tony Parravano. With the help of the Parravano family, much is revealed, much is explained, and many old rumors are finally put to rest.

Michael T. Lynch   Courtesy of Jack McAfee Collection, Courtesy of Parravano Family Collection, Courtesy of Gordon Thomas, Lester Nehamkin
20 Ferrari assault Le Mans, 1973!
Ferrari's last race at Le Mans before the modern era

In 1972 Ferrari had won the World Sports Car Championship, winning every race of the season but one. The only exception had been the 24 Hour of Le Mans. In May of that year, Ferrari had tested the 312 PB at Monza and when the clutch broke after 17.5 hours, the team decided not to race at Le Sarthe, giving victory to the French Matra-Simca company. On May 31 of the following year, Ferrari was again testing the 312 PB for Le Mans at Monza and although the car ran trouble free for only seventeen hours, this time the race was on.

John Sinkgraven   John Sinkgraven Collection
24 Thoughts on the Ferrari F50!
Ferrari embraces electronics and computing, and motors into a digital future

To truly appreciate a new Ferrari model, to grasp its underlying significance and meaning, to fully comprehend the Factory's basic and fundamental intentions in creating the car, one first has to stand before it in person, one then has to hear all the primordial sounds it unleashes, the next step is to ride in it (at speed, if possible), and finally, the ultimate understanding comes with driving the machine oneself.

Marc Sonnery   Marc Sonnery
30 Un Cavallino Rampante nel … Motore!
How the Prancing Horse became the Baracca-Ferrari Cavallino

This article was researched especially for Cavallino to bring more light to the mystery of the Ferrari Prancing Horse. Avv. Giovanni Baracca is a nephew and a direct descendent of Francesco Baracca, and he lives in the city of Lugo where he is a prominent attorney.

Avv. Giovanni Baracca; translated by Pietro Castiglioni   Courtesy of Avv. Giovanni Baracca
35 The Challenge of the Nürburgring
A tour of the old circuit teaches a few lessons - when the cars where strong and drivers were stronger

The Nürburgring Nordschleife (north loop) is almost impossible to imagine, especially if you live in countries such as Holland, or states such as Florida, or the midwest plains where roads are straight, flat and boring due to the nature of the terrain, and direly lacking in the one essential thing that makes driving a fascinating challenge: curves, turnes, hairpins, esses, twists, "des virages," or die Kurven, as they say in Germany near "Der Ring."

Marc Sonnery   The Klemantaski Collection
42 Ferrari F40 comes into its own - becomes mainstay of global GT Racing
BPR Global Endurance GT results

The Ferrari F40 is now eight years old and the F40 LM is reaching six years, and yet more and more of these are being pulled of the street, updated with the latest technology, and sent into the fray of international GT racing. And with good results!

Courtesy of BPR Organisation
44 WSC Ferraris gather title points at Sebring and Atlanta
IMSA WSC Championship results
Marc Sonnery
43 A new era begins for Ferrari in Formula One - new cars, new driver, everything ...
Formula One Championship

Australian Grand Prix - March 10, 1996 Brazilian Grand Prix - March 31, 1996 Argentinian Grand Prix - April 7, 1996 Grand Prix of Europe, Nürburgring - April 28, 1996

Marc Sonnery   John Sinkgraven
45 Galleria
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast
43 Ferrari Challenge Results
Patrick Morlet, Miki Bellagarda   Mark Wallach
56 Mercato
The market as of June 1, 1996, from a survey of selected dealers