Cavallino magazine 82

August / September 1994

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: John W. Barnes Jr.
  • Publisher: Cavallino Inc.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 72 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cover photograph by David Edgerton David Edgerton

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
Pierre Goossens, Carel Ruigrok
4 Lettere

Correspondence from your fellow enthusiasts on the Testa Rossa, s/n 0720 TR; who has the real car? This controversy will escalate. Also, thoughts on F40s and F40 LMs, and the Ascaris, and the 348 Barchetta.

Jerry McDermott, Pietro Castiglioni, Michiel Mulder
16 Ferrari 348 Barchetta catches everyone's fancy

Also seen at the 1994 Spa Ferrari Days was the 348 "Barchetta", s/n 84778. Owner Guy Audebert took a damaged 348 tb, and designed this new body. S.E.R.A. (Société d'Etudes et de Réalizations Aérodynamiques) made the patterns for the body, AMC made the body panels in polyester, and MEGA improved the chassis and carried out the final assembly.

John Sinkgraven
17 2nd annual Cavallino Tour to Ferrari!
Join us for an exclusive tour to Ferrari in Modena and Maranello!

In October, 1994, Cavallino magazine will again host a six day tour of Modena and Maranello, the home of Ferrari. It will be an excellent way for you to see all the best of Ferrari, in the area where the legend was born and where it continues today. You will be hosted and guided by the staff of Cavallino magazine, and you will be in the company of your fellow Ferrari enthusiasts.

18 Pinin resurfaces...
The Pinin recovered and remembered

In 1980 Pininfarina celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the company by Battista Farina. As part of the celebration of this event, they presented the Ferrari "Pinin" at the Turin Motor Show, in silver with a sumptuous leather interior. Motive power was provided by a front mounted Boxer engine.

Keith Bluemel   Keith Bluemel
19 Reading Concours d'Elegance celebrates 10th Anniversary
Reading Concours d'Elegance - Reading, PA - May 15, 1994

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. How do you put on the perfect Ferrari show? Spend ten years refining and polishing the event. Pietro Castiglioni and his team have got it dead on. It all came together at the Reading Country Club on May 15 - a field of 78 Ferraris, a costumed Italian folk dance troupe, a low pass flyover by a twin jet helicopter that finally touched down on the lawn.

Mark Wallach   Mark Wallach, Scott Hill
20 A guide to Ferrari activities in Monterey
August 23-30, 1994
Paul Bartoletti
21 Mille Miglia brings out some great old Ferraris to go 1000 Miles - and they do!
Ferraris in the Mille Miglia, May 5-8, 1994
Marcel Massini, Henry T. Kistler   Henry T. Kistler
22 The ultimate model car?
The Ferrari 312 PB of Paul Scerri

During a visit to Retromobile, the long established classic car show in Paris last February, a French friend, Richard Garcia, beckoned to enquire whether I had seen the Ferrari model on the Auto Passion / ATS Elevators stand. Approaching the stand we found a crowd surrounding a display feature, from which emanated the noise of an engine, with exhaust smoke rising from amidst the bodies congregated around it.

Keith Bluemel   Morelli-Bertier
24 Cavalleria volume one: Ferrari 512 S&M by Christian Huet
Three new books from the Cavalleria series on three great Ferraris

A close look at these great sports cars built for international racing in 1970 and 1971. Beloved by both the Factory and privateers, the development of the 512S is closely detailed, followed by a race by race description of their place in Ferrari history. A special section has s/n 1014 photographed in exquisite detail! This book is the final word on the 512 S&M for years to come.

26 Cavalleria volume three: Ferrari 500 F2 by Doug Nye

Come back to the early 1950s, when these powerful little Lampredi four cylinders overwhelmed all corners in international Grand Prix racing. They were pre-eminent and solidified Ferrari's emerging reputation. Following their story, and gaze on one particular example, s/n 0186, in startling four color detail.

24 Cavalleria volume two: Ferrari 312 P/B by Christian Huet

A comprehensive overview of these small, neat, blindingly fast prototype racers which swept to the World Sportscar Championship in 1972, and almost again in 1973. It was planned like a military campaign, and utilized some of the greatest designers, engineers, and drivers in Ferrari history. The drama is recounted in this book, plus a special detailed four color look at one of the best - s/n 0896.

30 Ferrari 275 GTB, s/n 6885 GT - A history and an appraisal
Part Three: the big race, and s/n 6885 GT is not left wanting...

So to Le Mans, the big one, in which our beautiful GTB laid its claim to fame. It was not to be in scarlet, however, as it was entered by the Ecurie Francorchamps' team, the Belgian Ferrari representative, and it received a stunning yellow livery. In the Sarthe classic, s/n 6885 was to be driven by Willy Mairesse and seasoned veteran Jean Blaton, nicknamed "Beurlys" for family and business reasons.

Marc Sonnery   Eric delle Faille
Part Four: a puzzle remains - what truly was s/n 6885 GT at Le Mans? ...

Now, what about the comments made by some that the GTB was really a works entry at Le Mans, being so well prepared and arguing too that Mairesse had driven works cars earlier in the year? Is it related to the friction between "l'equipe nationale Belge" and "l'ecurie Francorchamps," the latter the entrant of s/n 6885, the former being themselves backed by Shell, and both competing within the Shell Berre challenge which offered large prize funds?

Marc Sonnery   Courtesy of Alexis Callier Collection, Eric delle Faille
36 Ferrari 365 California Spyder, s/n 9849
The ultimate boulevard cruiser!

The Ferrari 365 California series of Ferrari models holds a certain fascination for many Ferrari enthusiasts, and it is an odd fascination in that the car is generally consigned to that part of Ferrari history reserved for "interesting... but not central to the Ferrari story." It was not inventive, it held no surprises, it had no great tale to tell, in and of itself. The lives of the fourteen examples were also unremarkable - no racing, no murders, no movie stars.

Marcel Massini   David Male
45 Ferrari edges toward the top in Formula One
The season continues...

Chassis number update San Marino Grand Prix, May 1, 1994 Monaco Grand Prix, May 15, 1994 Spanish Grand Prix, May 29, 1994 Canadian Grand Prix, June 12, 1994

Denis L. Tanney, Steve Kastner
47 IMSA: they're back...
Ferrari is at the top in IMSA as the F333 SP is a winner right out of the box

Our last IMSA update many issues ago was titled, "Where have the Ferrari's gone?" Well they're back, and in a big way! Last year Ferrari contracted with Dallara to build the Tony Southgate designed F333 SP, which marks the return of Ferrari to sports car racing after a twenty year absence. Determined to have a successful debut, Road Atlanta, a sprint race, was chosen to be the car's first race appearance.

Robert Pease   Sidell Tilghman, Dave Sweers
48 348 Challenge in U.S. continues to grow
More drivers enter, more Ferrari 348 models become racers

Complete chassis list to date and results Blackhawk Farms Raceway - May 22, 1994 Lime Rock Park - June 11, 1994

Myron Garfinkle   Daniel Glanz
49 The Spa Ferrari Days
Notes on the Spa Ferrari Days, chassis lists of major cars and race results included

About 250 Ferraris were present on the whole and about 150 were entered in the different races: Ferrari Class A (standard cars and road tires), Ferrari Class B (modified cars and racing tires), Pirelli Maranello Challenge, 348 Challenge (Germany), 348 Challenge (Italy), and 348 Challenge (West Europe). On Saturday, six races were run under the sunshine on a dry track, but on Sunday, eight races were run under a persistent rain and a wet track.

Pierre Goossens, John Sinkgraven, Willy Henderickx   John Sinkgraven, Pierre Goossens
52 Pirelli Maranello Challenge
Maranello Ferrari Challenge continues as before, but faces a challenge of its own

That great racing series in England, the Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge, is off to a great start again, pitting late model Ferraris against one another in two classes, modified and original, at some of Britain's greatest and most nostalgic racetracks. It has been a great success, and much credit must go to the English Ferrari Owners Club, since for many years the only GT Ferrari racing to be seen anywhere in the world on a consistent basis was in England in the Challenge.

John Swift, Willy Henderickx, Pierre Goossens   John Sinkgraven
54 Mercato
The market as of August 1, 1994, from a survey of selected dealers
55 Galleria
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast