Cavallino magazine 80

April / May 1994

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: John W. Barnes Jr.
  • Publisher: Cavallino Inc.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cover photograph of the Ferrari 166 MM, s/n 0054 at The Breakers Ned Gray

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
Flavio Mazzi, David Brady
4 The participants in the first Cavallino Ferrari Classic Galleria D'Arte Ferrari
The most beautiful pieces were presented and sold

We are striving to make the annual Cavallino Classic as complete an event as possible, bringing together all those related elements that would interest, amuse and entertain a Ferrari enthusiast over the course of several days, and this year we were proud to host out first official Ferrari art exhibition.

Marc Sonnery
8 Behring Auto Museum hosts a significant Ferrari show
V-12 Ferraris on Display

The Behring Auto Museum, sometimes known not quite properly as the Blackhawk Collection, in Danville, California, houses some beautiful classic automobiles on a regular basis, but now and then they host an exhibit in a specific area. and from January 20 to April 15, they are presenting an exhibition entitled "Ferrari: the V-12 Front Engines Road Cars."

Vic Oliver, Zan Turner
11 Third annual Cavallino Ferrari Classic brings some great people and great Ferraris together
Cavallino Classic

Ferrari 348 Challenge and Galleria d'Arte Ferrari add a new dimension to the festivities; Ferrari 333 SP introduced to the press and public. God must own a Ferrari, or at least his Son does, because for the third year in a row, the Cavallino Ferrari Classic enjoyed five days of perfect weather, sandwiched between two separate weeks of really rotter weather that Florida hasn't seen in a long time.

David Brady, Robert Pease, Ken Lewis, Mark Sonnery
10 Essen Motor Show highlights

The Essen Motor Show is held each winter in the town of Essen, Germany; it started out in 1968 as the "Jochen Rindt Show", and after his death it was continued to become the major show it is today, mixing race cars, show cars, and the classics along with the latest from the car manufacturers.

Andreas Birner   Andreas Birner
Rene Dreyfus memorial by Mark Wallach

They were all there - Chinetti, Cronkit, Weitz, Economaki, Vose, Stropus, McCluggage - and a hundred others who came to pay tribute to a trye maestro and gentleman. Organized by Beverly Rae Kimes, with style and affection in the University Club in New York, it was a somber but animated group.

Mark Wallach
Ferrari 456 GT Cabriolet?

They keep telling us there will be a convertible Ferrari 456 GT, and so artist Mark van der Meijs decided to imagine what it could look like. None of the rear deck lines would have to be changed - a simple job really. Despite the project price, these cabriolets will prove to be very popular.

Mark van der Meijs
16 Third annual Cavallino Ferrari Classic Concours winners cited
Cavallino Classic
Ed Glibertson, Sherry Lindberg
20 Ferrari 412 T1 - Ferrari's Latest Challenger
Grand Prix Racing will never the same - new Rules, new Cars, and best of all - a new Ferrari!

February is not the best time to be in Maranello, Italy, as it is generally cold and damp, even if the sun ekes out through the grey skies, but no one really minds since this is the traditional time each year for Ferrari to introduce its new Grand Prix car. Ferrari doesn't have to take the car somewhere warm and enticing and exotic like Monaco to attract the world's automotive press.

Courtesy of Ferrari SpA
22 Ferrari 333 SP - Ferrari's Latest Venture
Ferrari return to this exotic field of endeavor, and both customers and enthusiasts are pleased.

It arrived at the Cavallino Ferrari Classic quietly, being unloaded on Thursday morning at Moroso during the Classic moving event, almost before anyone noticed. The word spread quickly and soon there was a crowd to see this latest rocket from Ferrari. This thing is efficient, brutally efficient, but that's all to the good, since the car was designed to do nothing else but race.

Courtesy of Ferrari North America, Guy Mangiamele
24 Ferrari 250 TR 59/60 - Testa Rossa at Le Mans!
The story of s/n 0774, the 1960 Le Mans Winner, plus some great photos from the era

How an old campaigner won Le Mans, disappeared, and then was resurrected as a Concours winner. By a most happy circumstance, as happens now and then in our pursuit of the ever more interesting and informative story on Ferrari, several disparate elements conspired to combine their forces to result in an article blessed with both fascination and coherence.

Guy Mangiamele, Al Bochroch
30 Momentum Aere Perennius
While a mystery may be solved about this lovely 0147 E, the answer is intriguing indeed

Of course, the Romans would be the first to say it, and the Italians have continued the proverb 1,900 years later. It says, "A monument more lasting than bronze," and it was used to describe an immortal work of art of literature. What an appropriate description for a coachbuilt Ferrari!

Mark Wallach   Mark Wallach, Marcel Massini
212 Inter, Ferrari's Earliest Chameleon
It looks like a California, but no, it's slimmer and smaller. What really is s/n 0147 E
Mark Wallach
33 James Kimberly 1907-1994
A remembrance

The first time I saw Jim Kimberly was on August 8, 1953, during practice for an SCCA National held at Lockbourne Air Force base in Columbus, Ohio. He was driving his Vignale bodied Ferrari 340, s/n 0204, that weekend, and although he was destined to finish third the next day, no one who was there will ever forget him.

Michael T. Lynch   Courtesy of Ken Lewis
34 A Challenge to Ferrari 348 Owner
First Ferrari 348 Challenge race presages well for the future

Ferrari North America CEO Gian Luigi Buitoni commissioned the "348 Challenge Series" at last year's FCA National Meet with the announcement of a seven race competition series. Dr. Buitoni commented that the motivation for the series was the passion Enzo Ferrari had for racing and that this passion is the company's strongest legacy.

Robert Pease   Robert Pease, David Brady, Mark Sonnery, Sidell Tilghman
35 Shelton 348 GTC endures for 24 hours at Daytona

Ferrari is back into GT racing in a serious way, and not just the 348 Challenge. It is preparing a series of 348 Competizione models for sale to clients, to go racing in GT classes in the U.S. and Europe. Your friends at Shelton Sports Cars had one of the first (s/n 96064) and they entered it in the GTU category at the Daytona 24 Hour race in February

James W. LaTourette, The Kamber Group, W.H. Murenbeeld
36 Mercato
The market as of April 1, 1994, from a survey of selected dealers
37 Galleria
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast