Cavallino magazine 78

December 1993 / January 1994

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: John W. Barnes Jr.
  • Publisher: Cavallino Inc.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 64 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cover photograph of the Ferrari F40 LM, s/n 88520 John Sinkgraven

Table of Contents

2 Ecco
3 Lettere
Comments from your fellow readers

Comments from your fellow readers on Ferrari transporters, a 212 Ghia-Aigle, 330 P4s after Daytona in 1967, 348 Spiders, Spyder Corsa s/n 002 C, 512 S and Ms and Fs, 330 GTCs, and a search for two Ferraris.

Lance Hill, Jerry McDermott, J.L. Hevia, Dion Bosch, Marcel Massini, Peter den Biggerlaar
10 Ferraris come to life in the hands of Andy Mathews

Building a scale model of a Ferrari automobile is a favorite pastime of many Ferraristi, and while for a good number it is little more than an engrossing hobby, pitting one's skill and patience against an unbuilt collection of disparate parts, for a select few artisans out there, however, this passion rises to a level of fine craft, indeed, for some, to fine art.

Michael Furman
14 New art captures the image of Ferrari

"Monza, 1961" - a limited edition print by Kane Rodgers "Breaking all the Rules" - a limited edition print by Jay Koka "Enzo Ferrari" - a limited edition print by Alan Fearnley "Ferrari Grand Prix History 1949-1990" - a specially commissioned poster by Alan Fearnley "Uno Speciale 275" - an original sculpture by Dennis A. Hoyt, AFAS "Ferrari Grand Prix 1994" - a limited edition poster / calendar by Fernando Masi

19 The Legends of Motorsport
by Dave Friedman

Books of motoring racing photographs arrive at regular intervals, and the quality varies to an enormous degree. Sometimes they are simple paeans to the photographer's own vision, which is not necessarily your vision or mine. And then, as luck would have it in this sometimes luckless world, you'll find a book with exceptional photos in content and composition.

18 Ferrari by Vignale
by Marcel Massini

A name that crops up often in Cavallino, and in other Ferrari publications around the world, is Marcel Massini. He is one of about a dozen people around the globe who are the recognized Ferrari number crunchers, the men who collect not only serial numbers, but also distinct bits of current and historical data on the individual Ferraris as well.

All the world's 1/43 scale Ferraris - Volume 1: Sport, Prototype, 250 GT and GTO models
by Daniele and Jean-Marie Lastu

This is a true labor of love, and we must day at the outset that we are impressed. In this one volume, you have every 1/43 scale Ferrari non-F1 racing car known to man, and the way it's all presented makes for an excellent stroll through Ferrari competition history and Ferrari model history.

22 F130 continue to test
Another shot of the F130, still ugly in its camouflage, still mysterious in its specifications
Alessandro Stefanini
Ferraris take part in the greatest of all summer weekends in Monterey
Pebble Beach Concours, Laguna Seca races, and the Concours Italiano
Alan Boe, David M. Newhardt, Henry T. Kistler, Victor M. Oliver
Ferraris populate U.S. Historic Events
A number of great Ferraris made an appearance for the always enjoyable Vintage Fall Festival at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut
Robert Dusek
24 Ferrari's new Facility
Dott. Gian-Luigi Buitoni interviewed

With little fanfare and a Republican's idea of hype, about 200 lucky Ferrari owners were invited to a sneak preview of the Prancing Horse's first Factory facility outside of Italy. Ferrari of North America's President and CEO, Gian-Luigi Buitoni, presented to the captive audience Ferrari's plans for the future in the San Francisco Bay area.

Paul Khoo   Paul Khoo
22 IAA Exhibition in Frankfurt quietly introduces some new Ferraris

As the IAA Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany in September, Ferrari Germany Ltd. had a full display of Ferraris including some new ones like this 348 GTS. It is a 348 TS with less weight and more power, a new front grill and full envelope body paint scheme. Ferrari told us that what they learned in making the 348 Challenge cars, they incorporated in the new GTS series.

Andreas Birner
23 Meadow Brook provides, as always, a beautiful setting to see Ferraris
1993 Meadow Brooks Concours

In spite of circles of Corvettes and Chevrolet Motorsport cars, Ferraris were entered in three significant categories at the 1993 Meadow Brooks Concours.

Jerry McDermott   Jerry McDermott
Ferrari Club France in Dijon

In September of this year, the Ferrari Club France held its twenty fifth anniversary at the Dijon circuit, and to be seen there was a full blown Michelotto built 308 GTB/M Rally car, s/n 18971, run in the 1983 San Remo Rally by Bjorn Waldegaard and C. Billstam. Current owner is Guy Domet. Monsieur Audebert brought something called a 348 Barchetta, s/n 84778.

Henry T. Kistler   Henry T. Kistler
22 DAF Historic Race at Zolder

Zolder race track held the DAF Historic Grand Prix in August and two of David Piper's Ferraris were present, and racing well - the 275 LM, s/n 8165, driven by himself, and the 365 P, s/n 0824 driven by Jonathan Baker. The gloomy weather did not damper any racing spirits.

Willie Hendericks   Pascal Messinne
23 Spa World Endurance race has some Ferrari surprises

Jean Sage in his beautiful 860 Monza, s/n 0604 M and an extremely rare 196 S Dino, s/n 0776, driven by Spencer Martin.

Carel Ruigrok
26 Robert C. Wilke - a Choice Collector
One of the many clients who bought Enzo Ferrari's early street cars so the Factory could go racing

Enzo Ferrari's real interest always was racing. For him, racing was a time honored way to improve the breed, but even forty years ago this was a ridiculously expensive occupation. That's why Ferrari's early buyers of means were the bread and butter for his Factory; he needed prominent supporters for his young firm. Road cars were built out of necessity to finance the racing program and to satisfy the many distinguished clients who sought fast personal transport.

Marcel Massini   Marcel Massini Collection
32 F40 LM - the Racer's Racer
A close up look at this ultimate street car that became the ultimate track car

Yes, not only does the bodywork of the F40 LM look all different than that of the F40 to your eagle eye, it "is" all different, in size, shape and construction. Everything is dimensionally smaller by several millimetres, and there are several nips and tucks to improve airflow.

Marcel Massini   John Sinkgraven
38 Temporadas! Story and race results from an eyewitness.
Part two of the history of this great series of battles in the 1950s in Argentina

Opening race of the 1957 "Temporada" was, as usual, the "Argentine Grand Prix", for which the Buenos Aires Autodromo's Nº 2 variant was again used. The Scuderia entered no less than six Lancia-Ferraris. This was not a particularly good race for the team to look back upon, as the results would show.

Tony Watson   Tony Watson
44 Formula One continues

Hungarian Grand Prix, August 15, 1993 Belgian Grand Prix, August 29, 1993 Italian Grand Prix, September 12, 1993 News and Notes Portugese Grand Prix, September 26, 1993

John Sinkgraven
46 The end of an Era for Ferrari and Formula One
A last look at the F93A Formula One cars, and a final goodbye to the automatic systems era

There's not much sheer volume to these cars once you take the body off. The V-12 engine bolted directly to the chassis tub, and by the mechanic standing nearby, you can get an idea of how small and compact these 3.5 liter twelve cylinder units really are.

John Sinkgraven, Mark Armstrong   John Sinkgraven, Mark Armstrong
45 New 330 WSC Ferrari is developed for IMSA and Le Mans

Ferrari's plans for a new open cockpit car to enter IMSA's World Sports Car Championship are very much along, and a single chassis might be already announced as you read this. If that car tests well, it will be placed in the hands of Gianpiero Moretti of MOMO fame to actually race, and other cars will be built for other customers.

Pirelli Maranello Challenge finishes up a great year in England
Finalists announced

Round Eight - Oulton Park, August 7, 1993 Round Nine - Snetterton, August 30, 1993 Round Ten - Castle Combe, September 11, 1993

48 Mercato
The market as of December 1, 1993, from a survey of selected dealers
49 Galleria
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast