Cavallino magazine 75

June / July 1993

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: John W. Barnes Jr.
  • Publisher: Cavallino Inc.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cover photograph of the Ferrari 330 GTC, s/n 8935 Mark Jennings

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
Mark Jennings
4 Lettere
Pininfarina SpA, Ronald Hill, Simon Moore
12 Spares
The history, theory, and practice of the Ferrari spare parts

I have always maintained that a restoration shop stands or falls on the availability of spart parts. This can be difficult enough if you are working on only one make of car - if you are doing several then the problems become compounded and nightmarish. Moto manufacturers, quite rightly, usually lose interest in their products when they are anything between five and ten years old; after all, they are in the business of making and selling new cars, not keeping old ones patched for too long.

David Clarke   Courtesy of David Clarke
14 Ferraris at the Genova Trade Fair
January 30 / February 7, 1993

This was the third year that the Genova Trade Fair has been held, each one having a principal theme. The one for this year being Ferrari and Pininfarina, who together occupied the complete main exhibition floor. Pininfarina used the exhibition to inaugurate the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Battista (Pinin) Farina, the company founder.

Keith Bluemel   Keith Bluemel
15 Ferraris at the Geneva Motor Show
March 4-14, 1993, Geneva Switzerland

Geneva 1993 was a resounding success, with a gate of 685.220, the 63rd Geneva International Motor Show beats its 1992 all-time attendance record despite the unfavourable economic climate. Nine Ferraris of various types were on display at Geneva. Show for the first time in Switzerland was Ferrari's new 2+2, the 456 GT of which two examples were presented to the public.

Marcel Massini   Marcel Massini
16 A treat from Jesse Alexander
Luigi Chinetti

The photo shows Luigi Chinetti, Sr. holding the prototype model of the 1:14 scale Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta, produced by Creative Miniature Associates of Stamford, CT. This is a model of the car with which Mr. Chinetti won Le Mans in 1949, Ferrari's first Le Mans Victory.

Jesse Alexander
15 Zagato's FZ93

The 1993 Geneva Motor Show was the event chose for the presentation of the FZ93, Zagato's latest interpretation of a mid-engined coupé. The FZ93 is also the first working prototype to be built entirely under the guidance of Ercolo Spada, who rejoined the Zagato Group as chief designer in September, 1992.

Lilo and Henry T. Kistler   Marcel Massini
18 Minor Miracle in the Sebring mist
How the TR59s got to Sebring

Students of the classic references on Ferrari racing cars will remember that the TR59s, though brand new for 1959, were evolutionary refinements of the 1958 Testa Rossa's. These cars finally used disc brakes, and weight reduction was a major focus of the work over the winter. In addition to the disc brake weight savings, the Factory used magnesium, rather than aluminium, for many of the engine castings.

Frank Grimaldi
Buon Umore
30 Collezione Maranello Rosso
An exclusive tour of this great Ferrai museum and an exciting ride in one of its treasures, the 250 GTO, s/n 3851GT

At Misano, just south of Rimini, I waited in the infield of an autodromo. The rain had nearly stopped and the temperature was in the low 40s. At the far gate, a 250 GTO came into view. Coming toward me across the huge paved lot, the tail twitched noticeably under first gear acceleration. The driver touched third before braking hard and stopping the car a few feet from where I stood. The wail of the engine stopped abruptly, and after a few seconds a man stepped out.

Guy Mangiamele, Sandra Lodi Vetrano   Guy Mangiamele
330 GTC; The First Modern Ferrari
Part one of its history

The Ferrari of the 1990s is so very different from the Ferrari of the 1950s. Along with increased reliability and durability have also come vastly better creature comforts and ease of driving. As the world has changed, so also has the focus of the cars. The Ferrari of today easily handles traffic congestion of large cities while keeping both engine and occupants cool and comfortable. Compare this to the reaction of an early inside plug, drum brake Ferrari in the same situation. It is hard to tell who would overheat first, the car of the driver.

Dyke Ridgley   Mark Jennings
36 What is the Collection?
Collezione Maranello Rosso

The Maranello Rosso Collection is an all embracing yet individualistic exhibition on the origins, the development, the technical and stylistic evolution of the Ferraris that have most contributed to make the House of Cavallino become large and famous. It is a unique collection due to the theme it presents. A truly wonderful parade of "Horses"; twenty six cars, restored and perfectly functionable, accurately chose among the most desirable "reds" of all time.

Sandra Lodi Vetrano
37 Mercato
The market as of June 1, 1993, from a survey of selected dealers
38 Come, sit for a spell, have a glass of wine
Formula One

Well now, what is Ferrari up to this year? You've read all the gloomy press reports about winter testing bering erratic and inconclusive, and you've seen the desultory results of the first few races of the new year, and you've hear the wild rumors about Ferrari quitting Formula One - is an era well and truly over? Not likely.

39 Galleria
Special services for Ferrari enthusiasts
38 Formula One Championship

South African Grand Prix, March 14, 1993 F93A appears, both drivers are out Brazilian Grand Prix, March 28, 1993 Progress made, more to go

Ferrari GT Cars score
308s win in SCCA

Ferrari South, the Ferrari dealer in Jackson, MS, has entered this Bob Wallace prepared 1976 Ferrari 308 GTB in the SCCA Southeast Nationals. Tom Shelton, of Shelton Ferrari in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, drove it to the championship recently and set fastest lap. Consulier Industries of Riviera Beach, Florida, has been campaigning this 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB with Chet Fillip driving in SCCA National events.

Robert Pease   Robert Pease
48 Classifieds
Buy, sell, trade, wanted, etc.