Cavallino magazine 67

February / March 1992

  • Language: American English American English
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cover photograph of the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, s/n 0718 TR Guy Mangiamele

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
Our menu for today
Ferrar SpA
4 The 1991 Colorado Grand - Motoring in Paradise

Imagine the sound of three full-blooded Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa at full song darting through steep, rock canyons in the autumn splendour of the Colorado mountains. This was just one scene involving Ferraris from the third running of the Colorado Grand, which features legendary vintage sports racing and grand prix cars and sports cars of distinction and quality built in 1960 and earlier.

Jeff Allison   Jeff Allison
The 1991 Colorado Grand - An appreciation

The Lancia B 20 arched through the mountain curves and made its distinctive V-6 growl as it accelerated. As with any great Italian coupe of the fifties, the scenery came through a shallow windshield, with a foreground of a Nardi wheel and beautiful round gauge clusters.

Michael T. Lynch
8 Paris in the Fall - Automobiles Classiques á Bagatelle

Few things are more pleasing to the senses than a visit to Paris in the spring or fall. The broad Napoleonic avenues and endless side streets full of surprises are less crowded, and the City of Light experiences a seasonal change which lends an air of quiet anticipation. For the past four years, this memorable scene has been enhanced by the Automobiles Classiques à Bagatelle.

Ed Gilbertson   Ed Gilbertson
9 More honors for Phil Hill
Walt Ward
10 Maranello Concessionaires' new technical center comes on line...

Maranello Concessionaires is the importer of Ferraris into Great Britain, and is justly famous both for its Ferrari sales for three decades and for its Ferrari privateer racing in the 1960s and 1970s. Wednesday, September 18th, 1991 heralded the official opening of Maranello Concessionaires' new technical center, in purpose built premises adjacent to their existing operations center at Thorpe, near Egham in Surrey, England.

Keith Bluemel   Keith Bluemel
11 Impressive Monument to Enzo Ferrari set for Modena

There are many monuments to Enzo Ferrari springing up around Maranello and Modena these days, from simple stone slabs, to conservative status, to some rather bizarre modern abstract interpretations of "the automobile at speed." etc. But one of the more intriguing pieces coming along is a two car sculpted rendition of one of Ferrari's greater creations, the 250 Testa Rossa.

Courtesy of Wilson-Bollinger
12 The Market Today and results of some recent auctions

Classic & Sportscar Auction - Glattzentrum, Zurich - October 20, 1991 Brooks Auction - London, England - October 24, 1991 The Auction - Las Vegas, NV - November 2-3, 1991 Orion Auction "Solo Ferrari" - Monaco - November 9 1991 Rick Cole Auctions - Palm Strings, CA - November 22, 1991 Finarte Auction - Modena, Italy, December 7, 1991 Poulain-le-Fur Auction - Modena, italy, December 7, 1991 Coys of Kensington Auction - London - December 11, 1991 Automobiles Classiques à Bagatelle - Paris, France - September 8-9, 1991

Marcel Massini
13 Ferrari 512 TR
The new Testarossa receives a new name and much else besides

We have seen the future of Ferrari, and it is here before you now. Embodied in the new and evolutionary, or perhaps revolutionary, version of Ferrari's latest flat-12, mid engine, two seat berlinetta, the theme for the days and years ahead is one of performance.

Ferrari SpA
11 Ferraris in Japan
Junichiro Hiramatsu
20 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
Fast, Furious, Controversial

The 1958 Testa Rossa caused a stir when introduced, and still causes a stir today, some three decades later. Will its charm ever diminish? We think not.

Guy Mangiamele
33 Super-detailed diecast GTO "Evoluzione"

Jouef, a French company known for superb model railroad products, has entered the 1/43 scale model car field with what is probably the most highly detailed diets model every produced in this scale. Jouef says that there are 90 parts in this little jewel, and that's easy to believe; doors, hood, and deck lid open, and there's a fully detailed engine bay, a very well done interior, and good suspension detail.

Wayne E. Moyer   Wayne E. Moyer
34 Drama surrounds Ferrari at year's end
Ferraris carrying the flag

Things are never dull in Maranello, nor are they at any other point on the globe where the Ferrari team travels. You could write a book on these last few months (and we're sure someone will), and it is a measure of Ferrari's standing that the team has received more press coverage than Senna's World Championship or Mansell's valiant attempt to capture the crown. Japanese Grand Prix, October 20, 1991 Prost fourth, Alesi out Australian Grand Prix, November 3, 1991 Alesia out, Morbidelli sixth

33 Herpa releases superb Ferrari 348 TB model

Heap's new Ferrari 348 TB model, the second in their series of incredibly detailed 1/43 scale plastic models is one of the most precisely engineered, assembled, and highly detailed models that I've seen in this scale, yet it costs less than most mass produced models with no functioning features and only a fraction of the detail.

Wayne E. Moyer   Wayne E. Moyer
36 Calendario
Where to see the Ferraris this year
37 Galleria
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast
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