Cavallino magazine 60

December 1990 / January 1991

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cover photograph of the Ferrari 250 GTO, s/n 3589 GT Marcel Massini

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
Our menu for today
4 Lettere
Some observations on Ferrari, from you, our readers
10 Market Watch
Opinions on the Ferrari Market

No doubt, the late August early gathering of the cognoscenti on the luscious Monterey Peninsula is automotive overkill at its pinnacle! God knows, it shouldn't be missed. Save on year, this is my tenth in a row! As usual, on leaving, make reservations for the following year. If you want to stay in the immediate area, you cannot book too far in advance.

Stan Nowak   Stan Nowak
12 Results of some recent auctions

Coys of Kensington Auction, Nürburgring, August 11, 1990 Rick Cole Auction, Monterey California, August 17 * 18, 1990 Christie's Auction, Pebble Beach, California, August 20, 1990 The Sportswear auction, Interlaken, Switzerland, September 15, 1990 Legende Auction, Sporting Club, Monte Carlo, September 23, 1990

Marcel Massini, Paul Bartoletti
14 New run of Testa Rossas announced
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa in quarter scale

So, you want to buy a 1958 Testa Rossa, but you don't want to plunk down eight million dollars for one. Well, Ron Philipps and his company, Jeron Quarter Classics, Ltd. has the answer. Ron and his staff have designed a Testa Rossa that is affordable, complete with working engine, transmission, drivetrain, even rack and pinion steering.

Len Katz   Patrick Phillips, Len Katz
17 A Tale of Two Ferraris, 0108 E and 0166 ED
Doing what man is supposed to do - driving Feraris

The story of most Ferraris is usually more than just a story about the car itself - inevitably, people are involved as well. Maybe a car owner, a racing driver, or a celebrity, and that certainly is the case with the two magnificent old Ferraris featured on these pages. The berlinetta is a Carrozzeria Touring bodied 212 Export and the spyder is the only Touring bodied bracket ever built with a 2.7 liter Ferrari V-12 engine, and the last barchetta built on the short 88 inch wheelbase chassis.

Alan Boe   Alan Boe
22 "Nivola"
A tribute to a legendary driver

Of the many great race car drivers that ever lived, Tazio Nuvolari, or "Nivola" as his fans nicknamed him, was the one that gave it all in order to win. Of him Enzo Ferrari said, "Tazio Nuvolari did not only have a unique style, but he also possessed an inimitable sublime way of life."

Pietro Castiglioni   Collection Franco Zagari
24 Ferrari 250 GTO, s/n 3589 GT, saved and restored
The "GTO in a field" brought back from certain death

We have not highlighted a 250 GTO in Cavallino for a long, long time, partly because we've covered the type over several issues already, and with only thirty nine cars, there's not much more you can say without becoming redundant after awhile. This particular GTO, a 1962 Series I model, s/n 3589 GT, has a tale to tell, however, and so it gives us a good opportunity to review the GTO again, from an oblique point of view.

Marcel Massini   Marcel Massini
30 The Mystery 410, is it 1335 SA or 1387 SA
An example of the Benefits of the Study of Ferrari Trivia

Sometimes exploration of fact leads only to more mystery. Such was the case in 1981 after my husband and I purchased s/n 1335 SA, a Series III 410 Superamerica. Research on this car, and the eleven other Series III cars, was begun at the time to ascertain the history of s/n 1335, but these efforts only led to more questions and only just a few answers.

Sue Ridgley   Dyke Ridgley
32 Giants reappear
Ferrari 330 P3, s/n 0844 and Ferrari 330 P4, s/n 0858

Two unique Ferraris came to light recently, and we thought you'd like to see more of them. One is a Factory team 330 P3, s/n 0844, and the other is a Factory team 330 P4, s/n 0858, both later converted to Can-Am spyder specification. They have been owned by the same man, old time Ferrari collector Walter Medlin, for about twenty years now, and while everyone knew he had the cars, almost no one ever saw them.

Marcel Massini   David McKay, Mark Burrell
34 The 1990 Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance

No matter what marques are honoured at this yearly event, the cars of Maranello are always popular. For the 1990 concours, the cars chosen for particular significance were the Rolls-Royce and Jaguar, yet three production and two racing Ferraris were invited for everyone to admire.

Jerry McDermott   Paul Bartoletti, Jerry McDermott
37 Calendario
Provisional race dates for 1991
38 Summer Interlude
Ferraris carrying the Flag

Much more than racing takes place at Ferrari and in the world of Formula One, and much of it is much ado about nothing, but it's necessary to follow as it shows how the team evolves, and little things along the way portend larger changes to come. Hungarian Grand Prix, August 12, 1990 Who will drive for Ferrari ... Belgian Grand Prix, August 26, 1990 Italian Grand Prix, September 9, 1990 Portugese Grand Prix, September 23, 1990 Spanish Grand Prix, September 30, 1990 Other news of interest ...

Bryn Williams, Autosprint
41 Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge presses on the Finish

Round six - Zolder, August 19, 1990 Round seven - Donington Park, August 26, 1990 Round eight - Castle Combe, September 15, 1990

42 Ferraris race in Germany
1990 Oldtimer Grand Prix, Nürburgring, Germany, August 11-12, 1990

At the 1990 Oldtimer Grand Prix and the meeting of the Ferrari Club Deutschland this year, fourteen Ferraris took part at the races. The oldest one was Jeremy Agace's 250 MM Spyder Vignale from 1953, s/n 0390 MM, the last 250 MM which was ever made. The youngest one was Peter Heuberger's 512 M, s/n 1040, from 1970.

Andreas Meiniger   Andreas Meiniger
44 Update on the three liter Ferraris in IMSA Camel Light competition

Watkins Glen, July 1, 1990 Sears Point, July 15, 1990 Portland International Raceway, July 29, 1990 Road America, August 19, 1990

Robert Pease
45 Avvisi Economici
Buy, sell, trade, wanted, etc.
46 Galleria
Ferraris looking for a good home
48 Assistenza
Special services for the Ferrari owner
49 Informazione
Where to find Cavallino around the world