Cavallino magazine 58

August / September 1990

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 64 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cover photograph of a Ferrari F40 from L'Idea Ferrari L'Idea Ferrari

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
4 Lettere
Some thoughts from some of your Fellow Enthusiasts plus Additions and Corrections
10 Mercato
Opinions on the Ferrari Market and results of some recent Auctions

The Ferrari market is in disarray at the moment, to day the least, and event hough we have been chastised by several of our advertisers and potential advertisers (even to the point where they have pulled theirs ads) because we mentioned this unstable market in our last issue, we cannot report otherwise.

Geoffrey Goddard, Courtesy of Sportier Auction
15 Calendario
Where to see Ferraris in public in 1990
16 The Ferrari F40 in miniature
Ferrari F40 and F40 LM models arrive

Herpa, a West German company known for their fine HO scale models, has begun a new line ("Collection") in the international collector's scale of 1/43. Their first model, and one of the finest "mass produced" models to date in this scale, is the "street" F40.

Wayne Moyer   Wayne Moyer
18 The 1990 Mille Miglia
A great tradition continues, and, as always, Ferrari was there
Mark Wallach, Marcel Massini
22 A Competition Boano
Ferrari 250 GT Boano, s/n 0441 GT / 0525 GT carries the flag

In those ancient, antic days of the late 1940s, and all of the 1950s, racing was everything at Ferrari, and it wasn't just for the glory. Mr. Ferrari himself once said, "What wins on Sunday, I sell on Monday, to make the payroll for the week." Facetious or not, it was amazing the number of Ferraris thrown into the battle every weekend, some directly from the Factory for the Factory team's use, some for specially selected clients with the talent and resources to run a good race.

Steven Napolitano
25 L'Idea Ferrari
June 7 - September 30, 1990, Forte di Belvedere, Florence, Italy

It can be seen as a true honour to the name of Ferrari that the city of Florence consented to hold a large, well planned, and well publicized exhibition, honouring not just Ferrari the automobile, but Ferrari as an idea, a theme, a cultural entity, that has emerged over the last forty years as something truly extraordinary, more than just a mere maker of exciting cars, but a true national icon that embodies all of Italy's traditional virtues of daring, skill, imagination, craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement.

Hollywood Sport Cars, Cavallino Magazine   Courtesy of the Ferrari Archives, Courtesy of Carrozzeria Touring, Courtesy of Pininfarina, Mario Carrieri
41 A Prototipo Racing Dino
An experiment that actually competed, s/n 0784

There is a 1959 Ferrari Grand Prix car running around out there at Ferrari club events and at vintage races, disguised as a sports car, but it's Factory legal and original. It is a 246 S Dino sports car, s/n 0784, but it is basically a 1959 Grand prix car with a two man Fantuzzi body on board. This is a true One Off Ferrari built by Ferrari to test various engine, chassis, body, and suspension configurations.

Jerry McDermott   David Egerton, Len Katz
44 The Long Lusso with the Big Engine
Many questions are answered and more are raised as we look at Lusso s/n 4715 GT / L-3097 SA

Pictured on these pages is one of the more unique Ferrari creations of the early 1960s, a time when something special could be, and often was, produced in short order for either racing or that special customer, or in the case of this car, very possibly for the Man himself, Enzo Ferrari.

Allen Bishop, Jim Truitt   Allen Bishop
48 Our Grand Tour to Italy, courtesy of Ferrari

Cavallino magazine, which includes you, faithful and loyal reader, was invited by Ferrari to attend the opening of the new exhibition on Ferrari in Florence, Italy. On your behalf, one of your devoted staff made the arduous journey, and reported back on what was to be seen and heard.

52 Dutch Ferrari Club meets in the Netherlands

On Saturday, the 28th of April, the Dutch Ferrari Club members met for this first event of the season. The meeting took place in the villages of Lith and Rosmalen and at the "Volkel" airbase in the south of the Netherlands. The day consisted of three events: a sprint race over 250 meters, a racing track test, and a driving skill test.

Martijn Schaftenaar   Martijn Schaftenaar
54 The F40 LM storms Topeka
Ferrari F40 in IMSA

The F40 LMs of Ferrari France have returned in force to the IMSA GTO series. With newly found sponsorship from 0-1-2-3, the large Japanese shipping and moving company, two Ferrari F40 LMs re-entered the IMSA series at the "Heartland of America" IMSA race in Topeka, Kansas on the weekend of May 5 and 6. With their new sponsorship and a fresh influx of funds, the Ferrari France team plans to campaign at least five or perhaps six of the next IMSA races.

Michael Sheehan   Courtesy of European Auto Sales
52 Swiss Ferrari Club meeting in Montreux
Ferraris of specials interest at the Club Ferrari Suisse Meeting "Grand Prix de Montreux", April 7, 1990

What a starting grid! Pick your favorite. The Swiss Ferrari Club had a big event in Montreux, Switzerland, where, unfortunately, it rained the whole time. But over 200 Ferraris showed up, and some were excellent.

Marcel Massini   Marcel Massini
Ferrari Fantasia picks winner

Recently, Joe Marchetti and family hosted their annual "Ferrari Fantasia" party near Lemont, Illinois, and 1,500 spectators and 133 Ferraris were in attendance. Beside the beautiful grounds to stroll and the excellent food, there was a Concours d'Elegance for the Ferrari, and the Best of Show award was won by this 1949 Ferrari 166 Inter, s/n 041 S owned and shown by Lynn and Glen Hanke.

Courtesy of Ferrari Fantasia
56 The Ferrari F40 LM gains at the second race at Mid-Ohio

"We have no choice," was the reply from Team Manager Jean Sage when asked why Ferrari France was racing an F40 in the American International Motor Sports Association's GTO series. "This is the only place we can run such a car," he continued, "because Group B in Europe has been cancelled - there is no more GT Group B. We entered the World Championship last year, but we were the only team to enter and you must have at least three entrants for the group to exist."

Wayne Moyer   Wayne Moyer
57 Ferrari 641/2 introduced
Formule one

Just prior to the San Marino race, Ferrari presented its latest model of 1990, dubbed the 641/2, at an Imola test session. Prost had s/n 115 and Mansell had s/n 116.

John Shaw
58 Monaco Grand Prix - electrics bring our boys down
Formula one

Before the Monte Carlo race, there was much testing at Imola, and many anxious faces at Ferrari. For the last few years, Ferrari has been chasing McLaren with all the other teams way behind.

56 Prost sets new lap record at Fiorano

Coming off the great victory in Brazil, both Alain Prost and the Ferrari team were unstoppable in the month of April. Several fastest times were set at Imola and Paul Ricard during testing sessions, but the most memorable for us Ferrari fans was the new record at Fiorano.

57 San Marino Grand Prix - a disappointment for Ferrari
Formula one

All this great testing, and the excitement of the evolutionary 641/s models, raised everyone's hopes for the Imola race, but right from the start there were nagging problems.

60 Galleria
Ferraris looking for a new home
61 Avvisi Economici
Buy, sell, trade, wanted, etc.
64 Assistenza
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast
Where to find Cavallino around the world