Cavallino magazine 56

April / May 1990

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 56 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

Cover photograph of the Ferrari F40 LM, 79890 David E. Newhardt

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
4 Lettere
Some thoughts and observations from you, our readers
17 For the Record
Old serial number to keep you up to date

Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta Oldtimer Grand Prix - Nürburgring, Germany 1989 Bugatti-Ferrari Owners' Club Switzerland, Dijon, France, October 7 and 8, 1989

Ed Gilbertson, Andread Meiniger
18 1990 Barrett-Jackson auction
Opinions on the market, various auction results

The world renowned auction held every January for nineteen years in Scottsdale, Arizona, has not provided the turnaround hoped for by many Ferrari investors and speculators. As far as Ferraris were concerned, it was a flop!

Stan Nowak
20 The I can't drive my Ferrari Blues
The lighter side of Ferrari

Well, when my grandpa died he left it in his will, The old car in the garage would soon be my possession; Now this car looks like it's movin' when it's just sittin' still, And I'm only used to an automatic transmission. I got the I can't drive my Ferrari blues

George Saadi
Buon Umore
22 Competizione California
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, what beautiful Spyder beats them all?

Discussions regarding the appeal of various models of the early Ferrari invariably lead to some mention of the Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California. The low sound basic Pininfarina design, enhanced by the masterful metal sculpting of Scaglietti, make it an instance favorite. Powered by the classic three liter Colombo V-12 engine, it is a car that will stand the test of time as a lasting example of performing art expressed through the automobile.

Ed Gilbertson   Ed Gilbertson
25 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder
Serial number of all original aluminium alloy cars
26 The Enzo Ferrari Superamerica
What do Ferraris s/n 4031 SA and s/n 3097 SA have in common?

Featured on these pages is one of the most beautiful, baffling, original and simply historic Ferraris in the world. This Ferrari 400 Superamerica Coupe, fitted with Pininfarina's flowing "aerodynamica" design, was, for about a year, the personal vehicle of Enzo Ferrari. This simple statement represents the culmination of one year's research by the authors.

Allen Bishop, Jim Truitt   Allen Bischop
32 Hunt for Treasure
An old Vignale spyder, s/n 0214 M, surfaces in Switzerland

For more the than thirty years, a European privateer has spent considerable time and money to find the "Grosvenor", an English treasure ship sunken 208 years ago. Recently, he remembered that he still owned a rare, old competition Ferrari, a car which has increased very much in value these last few years. Various Ferrari historians and experts all over the world have searched for years in much the sam way to trace out the few lost Ferrari racing cars of the 1950s.

Marcel Massini   Marcel Massini Collection
38 Ferraris at the Essen Motor Show

For the 1989 Essen Motor Show in Germany, held during the first week of December, the organizers arranged as their central exhibition theme, a glittering display of Ferrari Grand Prix cars. They glittered not only by virtue of their combined presence and past achievements, but also due to a dazzlingly spectacular laser light show, that bounced and reflected off their predominantly Rosso Corsa paintwork to stunning effect.

Keith Bluemel   Willem J. Staat, Henry T. Kistler
39 Vittorio Ghidella's Ferrari stock deal

At the recently held meeting of Fiat shareholders, President Giovanni Agnelli finally informed one of the stockholders in detail about the controversial purchase of the forty percent share of Ferrari from Vittorio Ghidella. In June, 1969, Fiat acquired from Enzo Ferrari fifty percent of the share for four billion Italian lira.

Marcel Massini
38 Japan's Monte Miglia, 1989

130 classic cars took part in Kobe, Japan for the 1989 Monte Miglia, of which ten were Ferraris, including a Boano, a 275 GTB, a 330 GTC, a 365 GTC/4, a Lusso, a 275 NART Spyder (possibly not real), a Daytona Spyder (real), two Daytona Coupes, and one special Daytona prototype with a "Rissi" nameplate on the tail. It's owned by Ferrari collector Mr. Matsuda, but what does it mean?

Junichiro Hiramatsu
39 Ferrari replica business suffers setbacks

After successfully prosecuting McBurnie Coachcraft in the U.S. over the lookalike Daytona spiders, Ferrari SpA has taken on an outfit in England called Classic Sports Cars for making replace 250 GTOs and Daytonas based on Datsun 240 Z and Rover 3500 chassis and engines. This also appears to be the outfit that was making the second run William Favro 250 GTO replicas from scratch, which is a whole different area of concern.

40 Ferrari Corporate name change

We received a not from Ferrari that the official name of the company has changed from "Ferrari Societa per Azioni Esercizio Fabbriche Automobile e Corse" to simply "Ferrari S.p.A." The "sPa", as it's usually written, is equivalent to an "Inc." here. The official address of Ferrari SpA has been changed from Viale Trento Triesto No. 31 to Via Emilia Est, No. 1163.

The Pininfarina Mythos makes it debut
A sign of things to come at Ferrari?

Pininfarina has long been the clothier for Ferrari, and in its search for styling ideas, it has built a series of concept cars, some, like the Modulo, for the pure art of it, and some, like the 250 P5, the P6, the 512 S and the Cr 25, which had definite styling details that showed up in the production cars. What is the Mythos? Hard to say.

Junichiro Hiramatsu, Pininfarina
46 Prodotti Nuovi

Modellisia Calendar, 1990 Calendario Nardi 1990 Ferrari 1990 Calendar Project F1 by Gunther Raupp The Motorsports Classic Watch

49 The Ferrari team for 1990 - A Diagram
Formule one
Team preparation begins

The arrival of Alain Prost at Ferrari was certainly the biggest news over the winter, but it was by no means the only change at Maranello for the upcoming 1990 season.

Testing shows promise

Even though the Fiorano test track is close at hand, the weather around marble is cold and damp during the winter, so the team, like many other Formule One equipes, headed for the relative warmth of the Estoril track in Portugal to do extensive testing over several weekend in December.

52 Ferrari 641 announced at Fiorano

Finally, on February 2, 1990, Ferrari unveiled the 641 on a cold and dreary day at Fiorano, but the weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of everyone there. This is the car which everyone hopes and prays will beat McLaren and Honda this season. It is basically John Barnard's 640, already a good car, with an estimated 20% worth of additions, deletions, revisions and modifications to make it the definitive 641.

Giorgio Paola
53 Assistenza
Special services for the Ferrari enthusiast
54 Calendario
Where to see Ferraris in public in 1990
56 Informazione
Where to find Cavallino around the world
F40 LM news and notes

Looks so natural, doesn't it? An F40 sweeping through a turn under race conditions - truly at home. But this may be the last time you'll see it (here at Laguna Seca in 1989), since we have word the F40s will not show up in U.S. IMSA GTO racing until June, if at all. That's direct from the project manager, Jean Sage.

Andreas Meiniger, David Newhardt, Kenneth A. Moore