Cavallino magazine 54

December 1989 / January 1990

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Enthusiast's Magazine of Ferrari

On the cover the new Ferrari 348, courtesy of Ferrari Courtesy of Ferrari

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
4 Why, oh why, do new Ferraris cost so much ... ?

If you've had a chance to waltz into your local authorized Ferrari dealer in the past few months, and asked the price of a new Ferrari, you were probably told "it's at the market price." If you cared to ask what the current "market price" was, you were quoted figures that no doubt left you agog,

10 Prodotti Nuovi

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18 Ferrari enters GT Racing again
All ye faithful, your prayers have been answered. GT Racing is alive and wall at Ferrari

The long awaited racing debut of the new Ferrari F40 LM is now in the history books. Ferrari 40 LM, no. 79890, resplendent in its Ferrari red with red interior, made its racing debut in the IMSA GTO series, at Monterey's Laguna Seca racetrack on the weekend of October 14th and 15th. As the first semi-works entry by Ferrari in GT racing in a decade, this "Ferrari France" sponsored F40 LM is a very serious effort.

Michael Sheehan   Wilhelmina Sheehan
Ferrari 348 TB & TS!
They have arrived - and first year production is completely sold out!

All the Ferrari top brass were in West Germany in the middle of September at the Frankfurt Auto Show, everyone quite pleased with themselves, and they had every right to be, for not only were they there to present to the automotive world their new 348 model sports car, they also knew that back at the Factory in Maranello their ledger books already showed a firm 2.000 orders for this very car!

Ferrari, Ferdinand Meinhardt
23 Ferrari 348 Complete Specifications
1990 348 TB and TS specifications
26 The Little Boat Show
The Barchettas gather for Food, Wine, Moonlight Cruises, Some Beautiful Scenery, Some Incredible Driving and Some Unforgettable Memories

Two years ago I was sitting in my office daydreaming of Ferraris when a call came through from the heartland. It was Cooper Weeks, who own 166 MM Touring Barchetta no. 0022 M. Cooper was trying to drum up interest in a gathering of early Ferraris. It was approaching forty years since the Barchetta was first introduced to an excited public and our conversation quickly focused on an anniversary celebration for the legendary "Little Boat."

Ed Gilbertson   Bruce Hamilton, Alan Yorgason
30 Ferrari 348 "Sport" to debut

Here are some preliminary photos of the rumoured Ferrari 348 "speciale" sporting model based on the newly announced production 348 tb. We have word that it will be debuted at the Geneva Auto Show on March 8, 1990. The car is much lighter than the 348 and has a spartan interior. The 348 "speciale" will be built in limited quantities, but what is it for? A new unannounced racing class, or just for special customers?

31 Richie Ginther succumbs ...

We were very surprised to learn of the death on September 20 of former Ferrari driver Richie Ginther in France while he was on holiday. He was 59 and died of a heart attack.

Peter Coltrin
30 Ferrari North America leadership changes hands

In September, the U.S. authorized Ferrari dealers met in Phoenix to see the new 348, and attending from the Factory in Italy were Ferrari Chairman of the Board and President Ing. Piero Fusaro, Deputy Chairman Dott. Piero Lardi Ferrari, and Commercial Director Dott. Mario Clava. At the meeting it was announced that Dr. Emilio Anchisi, President of Ferrari North America for the past few years, would retire, having reached Ferrari's mandatory retirement age of sixty years.

31 Colonel Hoare passes away

Ronnie Hoare, the founder of the famous Maranello Concessionaires, the longtime importer of Ferraris into Great Britain, South Africa, and Australia, died at the age of 75 on September 5, after a short illness.

32 Ferraris at Reading

The Fifth Annual Reading Ferrari Concours d'Elegance was held on Sunday, June 25 at the Reading Country Club in Reading, Pennsylvania. What started five years ago as a gathering of some Ferraris on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, has grown into a premier Ferrari event. Each year has proved itself to be one step above the year before.

Pietro Catiglioni   Len Katz
Meadow Brook 1989

This year's Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance was a special treat for Ferrari fans, as the featured sports car was Ferrari, with Packard being the featured classic car. Although not entered in the main concourse, there were numerous late model Ferrari for the concours and an ice cream social on Friday night. This was followed by vintage races on Saturday with Dick Merritt's Dino 246 no. 0784, being the sole Ferrari in competition.

Jerry McDermott
34 A Triple Treat for the Senses

Every year there are numerous concours events held that feature a Ferrari class or classes. The nature of these activities range from low key fun affairs to serious shows which stress the authenticity of the vehicle. In other words, all concours are not created equals.

Ed Gilbertson   Paul Bertoletti
36 National Ferrari Concours

The National Ferrari Concours is held each year in a different region of the Ferrari Club of America in conjunction with the FCA National Meet. This year the Southeast Region was host for a well organized schedule of events which includes two days of track time at Road Atlanta and an open road rally in addition to the National Ferrari Concours.

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is the granddaddy of the modern concours. For almost forty years this show had led the field and set the standard by which other shows are measured. Spectacular cars, breathtaking scenery and beautiful people all combine to make Pebble Beach on of the truly great concours events.

38 At long last, Ferrari arrives
Formule one

Hungarian Grand Prix: August 13 More Intrigue ... More Testing ... Belgian Grand Prix: August 27 Prost joins the Scuderia ... Italian Grand Prix: September 10 Test Sessions brings results ... Portuguese Grand Prix: September 24 Spanish Grand Prix: October 1

John Shaw
36 Automobiles Classiques a Bagatelle

The Automobiles Classiques à Bagatelle was held on September 9-10 at the Parc de Bagatelle in Paris. It was the second year for this new annual concours founded and chaired by Antoine Prunet and Christian Philippsen. The setting is very beautiful and the arrangements for both judges and entrants are splendid. Ferrari was featured this year with a fantastic display of Pininfarina experimental and prototype cars that we had not seen previously except in photographs.

44 The 1989 Coppa d'Italia
You know you are n trouble when ...

April had arrived, and this man's fancy had again turned to vintage racing. Like cheerful lemmings running to the sea, we were again off to over-indulge in Europe's premier vintage events, the 5th Coppa d'Italia and the 1989 Mille Miglia Historica. This fifth running of the Coppa was to be the "Giulio Dubbini Memorial" to honor him after his death. On of the founders of the Mille Miglia Historica, Mr. Dubbini had created the Coppa as an aggressive supplement to the Mille Miglia, which he felt had become too tame.

Michael Sheehan   Attual Foto
45 Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge gathers steam

The fourth round of the challenge brought everyone to Oulton Park, almost everyone that is, since front runners John Wilson and Paul Berman's 308s were out bering repaired, and points leader Robbie Stirling was racing in C2 in Spain.

John Swift   Autosport
48 Assistenza