Cavallino magazine 50

April / May 1989

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 72 pages
  • Code: ISSN 0889-2504

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

Cover photograph of the 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, s/n 0728 TR Stephan Foulon

Table of Contents

3 Ecco
6 A Remembrance of Things Past ... why the Mille Miglia must endure

The 1988 Mille Miglia was my first Mille Miglia and no amount of reading or viewing other peoples' videos can properly prepare you for the experience. My good friend and sometime co-author Bob Devlin, had suggested I attend that year. When Martin Swig, the only American to run every Mille Miglia retrospective, offered to share his Alfa 1900 SS Zagato with us, there was no turning back.

Michael T. Lynch
12 Lettere
by you, dear reader
18 Auction Rings a Few Surprises

The high point of the auction season in Arizona is always the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Late January. Large numbers of potential buyer from all over the world make this a unique gathering of almost everyone who is important in the world of buying and selling Ferraris. A total of 31 Ferraris were offered and 16 were reported sold.

Stan Nowak
19 Ferrari by Zagato
by Michele Marchianò

As an employee of Zagato, the author is well places for the source material of his research. He has a unique perspective, having available to him not only the company records but also the first hand recollections of Emilio and Gianni Zagato and many of the original owners of the cars. With that information he has produced what must now be considered the definitive history of the Zagato Ferraris.

Darrel Wastfaul   Marcel Massini
21 And Ferrari said: "Go Forth and Propagate and fill the Earth"

On December 3, 1988, the Finite Auction House held another auction of Ferrari literature and related memorabilia in Modena and it was quite a success. We've listed the results below in some detail, partly to make it a document of record, but also to show you what kind of material are out there, the sheer amount of it all, and the price it brings.

25 Market Guide 1989

The market for older Ferraris is today (the end of February, 1989) a mixed bag. The high end, over $800.000, is very slow! Cars for over $1.000,000 are simply not selling. Private speculators and dealers are in the same boat. They must hold their stock and hope the market will recover. Prices in this stratosphere are not going down, but in terms of real sales, are not going up.

Stan Nowak
29 Le Mas du Clos
The Pierre Bardinon Collection of the Ferrari automobile

An effort must be made in order to visit the Mas du Clos Ferrari collection. It takes three or four hours by road, depending on whether you start from Paris or Lyon. All those who have been able to see Pierre Bardinon's collection of Ferraris have been seduced, not only by the man or by the collection of cars, or by the location, or even by the private circuit, but by an ensemble of elements which evoke a feeling of timelessness.

Christian Rochet   Stephane Foulon
45 Daytona s/n 14107
A mystery is solved: What was that Daytona at Sebring in 1971?

In a time not so long ago, in places not so far away, when the world seemed a far more simple place, one could buy a new Ferrari Daytona, install slightly wider wheels and tires, add a roll bar, remove the air conditioning, and go race at Le Mans.

Michael Sheehan   Courtesy of Michael Sheehan
48 News and Notes
52 Assemblea Di Soci
Ferrari Club Italia

The evening of Saturday, December 10, 1988 witnessed the gathering of club members from all parts of Italy at the Centro Civico, part of the yet to be openend Ferrari Museum complex, in the Viale Dino Ferrari in Maranello, for their "Assemblea Di Soci", which could be described loosely as an Annual General Meeting without the business affairs.

Keith G. Bluemel
54 Seven Frozen Moments

Every automobile has a story to tell. Automobiles are much more than a means of transportation, they are mobile sculptures that chronicle and dramatise the time and place which they occupy. Robert Mittenmaier is a master of capturing every aspect of a scene. Not only does he depict the automobile in explicit detail, but he imbues everyone of his works with a feel for time and atmosphere in which it was done.

Jacques Vaucher   Courtesy of l'art et l'automobile
Silkscreen Tribute to Ferrari, both the Man and his Cars

Silkscreening is a delicate and time consuming process involving the cutting of various "masks" through which ink is pressed onto the chosen surface. As the number of colors increases, so do the different masks, or screens. One painter who has mastered this technique is Dutchman Frank Gude, and he has applied hist skills to portray the excitement and speed of the motorsports world.

Frank Gude
58 Ferrari prepares for a World Championship

Formula One testing at Ferrari has continued over the winter, but not without high drama. John Barnard and his English crew have been busily developing the F1-89 prototype, which has an internal design number of 639, but the way. It has not been a successful several months on the face of it, because the car was performing rather poorly, but a new model, which was presented to the press in February, and code named the 640, is much, much better and may well vindicate Mr. Barnard's reputation.

Autosprint, Giorgio Piola
61 Ferrari F40 Race Program in doubt now

Sadly, it appears the decision has been made to withdraw the F40 from an attempt on Le Mans this year. What happened? The simple explanation is that the car kept losing engines and/or turbos at sustained high speeds.

A Winner at last, the Ferrari 308 proves its worth

Most of you have followed the racing exploits of Rick Mancuso and the competition Ferrari 308, s/n 18905, over the past two years, and the experience has been both enjoyable and instructive, because we've all learned what it takes to make a competitive race car out of a production machine.

Warren Mosler   Courtesy of Consulier Industries
64 Putting your Money where your Dreams are
Chapter One

Scuderia Ferrari established itself in international racing in the 1950s, the 1960s and into the 1970s through hard won experience in long distance endurance racing. Many class victories were won by Ferrari's dual purpose Grand Truism cars that could be driven on the street by the enthusiast, could be seen and touche by the aficionados. Yet, wit little modification, they became red blooded racers that could be driven to the track, raced successfully, and, usually, driven home.

Michael Sheehan
66 Calendario
69 English Ferrari Challenge ends up the year in style

The final round of the very fierce Michelin Maranello Ferrari Challenge took place on September 24, 1998, at Castle Combe, and the conditions were described as "Awash."

70 Assistenza
72 Where to find us