Cavallino magazine 44

April / May 1988

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 64 pages
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The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

On the cover the Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta, s/n 0010 M, photographed in San Francisco Robert T. Devlin

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1 In this Issue...

The early years of the Ferrari firm were full of hope, as any budding enterprise would be, and we're sure there were some anxious moments as well, since no birth in the commercial sense is not fraught with some unforseen difficulties, but Enzo Ferrari was very fortuitous is in that one of his first series of cars for customers, cars he had to sell to survive, was such a stunner in its visual aspect.

5 Ecco
Julian P. Graham
8 The Barrett-Jackson auction

This most famous Scottsdale auction, the Barrett-Jackson auction, is really a lot like a circus - large tents, side shows, concessions selling anything and everything, and an auctioneer who would be more at home selling tobacco. The sound system in the main tent, where the cars are auctioned, is strictly heavy metal rock - about three times louder than it has to be. The whole schtick is defended as being pure Americana!

Stanley Nowak   Bill Neale
14 Lettere
Additions and Corrections
Courtesy of Peter Sachs, Alexis Callier Collection, Miki Bellagarda, Harry Bytzek
22 The little Barchetta rocks the Boat
Some thoughts on Barchettas, The Mille Miglia, California Racing, Gentlemen Drivers, Authentic Ferraris, and Sports Car Restorations

When the Italian motor press first saw the Ferrari 166 Touring bodied spyder at the 1948 Turin Salon, they quickly came up with the endearing term "Barchetta" to describe the new body form which so gracefully enveloped the Ferrari. The word barchetta means "little boat" in Italian, a label that has stayed with this landmark design by Touring of Milan. The shape inspired visions of the small speed boats often seen at Venice, beautifully rounded and pleasing to the eye.

Robert T. Devlin   Glen Glendering, Canaan, Robert T. Devlin, Julian P. Graham
27 Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta Touring
Nº 0010 M Specifications
30 A record of Spa 1949
Spa Francorchamps Nostalgia

One of the great triumphs of the 166 MM Barchetta, No. 0010 M, was the winning of the Spa-Francorchamps 24 hour endurance race of July 9-10, 1949. Luigi Chinetti, Sr., fresh from winning the 24 hours of Le Mans, teamed with Jean Lucas to conquer the event. That great occasion is presented for us here in some rare and previously unpublished photographs supplied to us by the resourceful Alexis Callier.

Alexis Callier Collection
32 330 P
Born to Run

It's a true Ferrari, it's Fast and Furious; it was a Factory Team car that held opponents at Bay, it was made for no other reason than to go fast and win. When our photographer was in Switzerland last year photographing for you Albert Obrist's beautiful 1959 Ferrari 250 TR59, he was able to persuade Mr. Obrist to bring out of hiding his equally beautiful and equally rare 1964 Ferrari 330 P, No. 0820, for a session before the lens.

Guy Mangiamele   Guy Mangiamele, Ginther Molter, Phipps
38 1964 Ferrari 330 P Specifications
40 The Measure of the Man
Ferrari at 90 - what he has achieved, and what it means for us

On February 20th, Enzo Ferrari reached an extraordinary milestone: his ninetieth birthday. As he tells it, he was actually born on February 18th, 1898, but the winter snows were so heavy in Modena that year that no one in his family could notify the registry office until two days later, so February 20th became his official birthday.

Rick Busenkell   Mark Wallach
42 The story of s/n 0851 GT
part Two... the die is cast

The restoration of the mechanicals had actually begun in October of 1978 when Scott Taylor of Motorkraft began to rebuild the engine, gearbox and brakes for the former owner. The gas tank had been cleaned and sealed and the front and read wheel bearings had been replaced. Scott's effort, including enough electrical work to make the car run, was completed in January of 1981.

Sue Ridgley   Dyke Ridgley
48 Emilia-Romagna Concorso d'Eleganza

Modena, the birthplace of Ferrari, rests centrally in the womb of the Regione Emilia-Romagna along the ancient Via Emilia traveled by the great conquerors of the past from Julius Ceasar to Napoleon. The image of Roman armies and red Ferraris moving along the same path of conquest seems most fitting. Proud of their history and conscious of their many cultural and industrial achievements, the regional government decided to sponsor a series of events and exhibits in the United States.

Ed Gilbertson   Robert T. Devlin
52 US legal F40s and more news

Many new and exciting things are happening at Ferrari, was if the F40 was not enough! Dr. Ermanno Della Casa, Commercial Director of Ferrari and Administrative Director of the Ferrari team, will be retiring from active duty at Ferrari, after only 47 years! We were asked to come to New York and have lunch with him. Any Ferrari occasion is always exciting and this proved true as well.

Rick Mancuso
53 New 328 suspension announced

As Rick Mancuso relates above, the 328 will be with us for a few more years, but that doesn't mean the model will lie stagnant in the meantime. The men at Maranello are always busy, and at the Geneva Auto Salon recently in March, their latest handiwork was introduced. It's an entirely new suspension system for the 328 GTB and GTS that was shown, and the aim was to improve on the technical aspects of the car, rather than just performing an outer facelift at this time.

54 Ferrari dealers honour Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari received many gifts and congratulations for his ninetieth birthday in February, and one of the nicer ones was presented to him by a small group of U.S. Ferrari dealers on behalf of all the authorized Ferrari dealers in North America. Amongst themselves they raised 100 million lire and presented a check for that amount to Mr. Ferrari to be given to the Muscular Dystrophy foundation in Italy.

The Silver Fox succumbs

One of the great names in Italian motorsport died in January of this year, and while he was never a consistent part of the Ferrari team before or after the war, Ingegnere Piero Tariff did share on glorious moment with Ferrari, this being at the 1957 Mille Miglia.

Courtesy of Ron Berke
56 Stock on the Pole
Further adventures of the 308

Our famous new and fresh motor finally arrived the Saturday night before we were to leave for Florida. To say that this motor arrived late is an understatement! Remember that this motor had been apart since last June, which was the last time we raced the 308, ultimately to its first finish, but far down from where we need to be, due to a distinct lack of power.

Rick Mancuso
59 Assistenza
61 Calendario
Events at which Ferraris will be found in 1988
62 Ferrari on Canvas

Frank DiMartino, a New Jersey artist who was born in Italy, deals almost exclusively in Ferraris. As a child he was mightily impressed by the cross country race through Sicily, and he still looks fondly back to the days when his father was a race car driver and mechanic. His latest work is a 66" x 36" oil painting of the 1956 Tour de France, where Alfonso De Portage drove a 250 TDF to victory.

Jacques Vaucher   Courtesy of l'art et l'automobile, Jay Koka
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