Cavallino magazine 41

October / November 1987

  • Language: American English American English
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 64 pages

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

Cover photographed of the new Ferrari F40 at Fiorano Guy Mangiamele

Table of Contents

3 Ecco
Guy Mangiamele
6 The Market Expands

In the past two months, I have spent two weeks in London, two days in Paris and one week in Carmel, California. At all of my stops, I was in touch with those active in the Ferrari market and this worldwide activity only reconfirmed my belief that the old Ferrari market is now indeed a worldwide market.

Stan Nowak, Jacques Vaucher   Rick Cole
7 Market Watch
Stan Nowak
6 Auction California Style

As I write this I have just return from the 2nd Annual Monterey Sports and Racing car auction in California which took place on the weekend of August 21-23rd along with the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and the Laguna Seca Historic Races. This yeas 86 cars were registered and of those, fifteen were Ferraris with thirteen actually changing hands at healthy prices.

Jacques Vaucher
9 Lettere
Additions and Corrections
16 A Daytona for the Living Room

Donato Rocca, an Italian by birth who now lives in France, is best known in automotive circles for the bodywork he does in restoring and maintaining Ferraris. All of his years of experience working with Ferrari bodies specifically, and metal in general, finally prompted him to have a go at making a scale model of his favorite Ferrari, the 365 GTB/4, which is better known as the Ferrari Daytona.

Jacques Vaucher
Racing History in Crystal

I have recently come across a twelve piece set of five inch long Grand Prix racers from the 1950s made of full lead crystal by the Atlantis Crystal Company. Atlantis is located in Portugal, next to one of the oldest and most beautiful Cisterian monasteries in Europe, and they continue a tradition of Portuguese crystal making that is 200 years old.

Andrev Veljkovic
Il Maestro della Scale 1/43

Vincenzo Bosica comes from an artistic Italian family, is a sculptor and painter, and has been building car models from kits ever since he was a kid. He first got involved in professional kit building when he began creating masters for Italian kit manufacturers like FDS, Carlo Brianza, Hi-Fi , and Meri to name a new.

21 The Winfield School
Come join us at School - A Driving School, that is for Ferrari Piloti

It wasn't until they left, having strapped me to the car, now watching them go, unable to move with the first perspiration inside any helmet, that I realized I'd never known a damned thing about racing. I had run at the playground until second grade, making all the right noises, shifting up and down, feeling the power as it came on from one gear to the next.

Guy Mangiamele   Guy Mangiamele
25 F40 Le Mans
The New Ferrari in Detail

Broad sweep of front nose is vaguely reminiscent of 250-275 LM of old, but is no mere descent to archaic sentimentality. New nose has been perfected in Pininfarina wind tunnel , and provides for a very low coefficient of drag while maintaining a stable and sure footed front end. Here on of the two models is posed on a corner of the Fiorano test track.

Guy Mangiamele   Guy Mangiamele
Ferrari F40
26 Introduction

Forty years ago, that is on March 12, 1947, the Ferrari Factory finished its first motorcar, the 125 S with 12 cylinders and an engine displacement of 1496.77 cc. Shortly thereafter, on May 25, this car was successful in the Grand Prix of Rome with Franco Cortese at the wheel. It was the very first victory of a Ferrari, the cars with a badge showing a black prancing horse on a yellow background, and with this, the Ferrari legend commenced.

Marcel Massini
Ferrari F40
27 An Analysis of the Car
Techical Description

Well, faithful tifosi. Ferrari has gone and done it, and they don't want to hear any more complaints from the likes of you and me. They have gone and built a blazing street machine that will put the 288 GTO in the shade, not to mention many supercars form other manufacturers. And if you have the means and desire to take one of these bright new F40 Le Mans berlinettas to the race track for some serious competition, please feel free.

Ferrari F40
31 Ferrari F40 Specifications
Ferrari F40
34 Press Conference

All of us shuffled past the small buffet table with fruit juice and double magnums of Ferrari champagne, and into the auditorium where the new car sat under a red drop cloth. The place was round, with elevated semi-circular seating, and about the size of a small university lecture hall.

Guy Mangiamele
Ferrari F40
38 Composite Material 101
A short quick course on composite materials in automotive engineering

The modern automobile must present qualities of reliability, durability, low fuel consumption, low running costs, and naturally, a relationship between costs and performance which rivals that of the competition. For all of these reasons, the industry is constantly searching for new materials and technology to achieve the desired results.

Ferrari F40
40 Scoured Three Bears

Ferrari 275 GTB expert Dyke W. Ridgley wrote, in his excellent article on the Ferrari 275 GTBs in Cavallino 9, that the 275 GTB was one of the last true duel purpose Ferraris, a sports car that served both roles, normal road usage and weekend competition. In his story in Cavallino 34 about the four cam 275 GTBs, he mentioned that no competition 275 GTB/4s were built by the Ferrari factory. Nevertheless, various clients were actively racing standard 275 GTB/4s.

Marcel Massini   Marcel Massini, Mrs. Dorrance
44 Ferrari 250 GTO 25th Anniversary
GTOs celebrate their anniversary in France, the automotive world celebrates the GTO

Sunday, June 7, 1987, saw the cumulative efforts of over a year's planning and hard work by "Cavallino International" come to fruition, with the assembly of twenty 250 GTOs, three 330 LMBs, and the infamous "Breadvan" at the premises of Charles Pozzi, the Ferrari concessionaire for France, in Levallois-Perret, a suburb of Paris.

Keith G. Bluemel   Keith G. Bluemel
46 1988 Mille Miglia
Latest Word on the 1988 Mille Miglia from the Mille Miglia Committee

The next historic Mille Miglia will be held on the 5th, 6th and 7th of May, 1988. The date has been decided upon by the Committee of the Automobile Club of Brescia, who have considered the results of last May's Mille Miglia with satisfaction and have praised all those competitors, collaborators and the Italian and foreign mass media who contributed to the international interest given to the show and to the festive welcome given by millions of people along the route.

Marcel Massini
47 Ferrari Owners' Club (UK) Honors 20, 25, 40 and 5000 (?)

In this year of Ferrari celebrations, the Ferrari Owner;s Club of England held an event in July that was quite a happening, as it was the 20th Anniversary of the club, the 40th Anniversary of Ferrari, the 25th Anniversary of the 250 GTO, and the year (1987) in which Maranello Concessionnaires sold its 5,000 Ferrari in the United Kingdom.

Keith G. Bluemel   Keith G. Bluemel
The Ferraris of Meadowbrook - 1987

How can you outshine six Ferraris? Simple - with thirteen Duesenbergs and a Bugatti Royale! That was the story at this year's prestigious Meadowbrook Concours d'Elegance. However, most of the Ferraris in this "invitation only" event have their own interesting and varied history.

Jerry McDermott   Jerry McDermott
48 Maranello Challenge continues

We've mentioned before the very interesting and very enthusiastic racing being dont in England by a group of dedicated Ferraristi in a fleet of modified late model Ferraris, primarily 308s. There's been a series of races, all well attended and all hotly contested and the leading man so far is Robbie Stirling in a very nicely prepared 308 GTC, sponsored and prepared by QV Motors of Brookwood.

50 The Chicago Historic comes into its own

We spent a very pleasant three days in July at the Chicago Historic Races, which are nowhere near Chicago by the by, but no matter: they are held at the Elkhart Lake race track quite a ways north into Wisconsin in the lake district. This is one of the better historic race car meets, easily on par with the successful Monterey do in California, partly because of its now established longevity, partly because of the excellent promotion.

Siddel Tilghman
48 Vintage happenings

In lovely Escondido, California, they have a little hill climb, a "Run for the Bubbles" as they call it, this year held at the end of April. Alas, there was only one Ferrari entered, the 246 GT of Carl Corbett, but he won his class against a bevy of Porsches, Alfas and Loti. Hopefully, more Ferraris will show for next year.

Siddel Tilghman
52 For the Record

This may be our first and last look at the Ferrari Indy car. The car was put together so that photographs could be taken. Note main sponsors were to be Fiat and Agip with driver support from Marlboro. We've heard three rumors about the future of this machine, and none involves the race track: it's going to stay in the Factory it's going to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, or it's going to a private collector a "Friend of the Factory."

Courtesy of Rombo Magazine
53 Ferrari returns to Serious Racing

French Grand Prix (July 5) British Grand Prix (July 21) German Grand Prix (July 26) Hungarian Grand prix (August 9) Austrian Grand Prix (August 16)

Autosprint, Auto Motor und Sport
58 Pironi Gone

One of the brighter stars in the Ferrari firmament in the 1980s was Didier Pironi, who drove for Ferrari in 1981 and 1982 until a crash at Hockenheim in Germany ended his Formula One career. We are sad to report that Mr. Pironi died recently in a powerboat racing accident, while vying for the Offshore Powerboat Championship in England.

59 Assistenza
62 The Racing 308 GTB
Our tale continues

The Ferrari experience takes on a new and deeper meaning for me each year. Perhaps because I am coming to understand what it means by living it, as my profession, and pursuing it as my passion. There is much to be learned from the history of Ferrari that influences my life today. One of the Ferrari philosophies is that one must always learn from and respect the past because it influences our future.

Rick Manusco
63 Avvisi Economici
Have a Ferrari you want to sell ... or Ferrari Parts ... or Ferrari Memorabilia?