Cavallino magazine 37

February / March 1987

  • Language: American English American English
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

On the cover a Ferrari 328 GTS photographed at Fiorano Jeffrey Zwart

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
2 Lettere
Bill Neale, Shoemaker
6 Additions and Corrections
10 Three emerging talents in Ferrari Art

The urge to transform, or at least to translate, something of the Ferrari mystique into a concrete and tangible form takes hold of everyone at one point or another it seems. Who has not pulled out the old family Kodak to try and capture a favorite Ferrari on film, just so? Those of a literary bent can't help but take pen in hand and attempt to convert the Ferrari experience in often not too sufficient words and phrases.

Nathan Beehl
12 The outsized Ferrari Models of Carlo Brianza

In a little village not far from Monza, Carlo Brianza produces some of today's most intriguing Ferrari models. Filling the gap between the multitude of 1/43 scale models that collectors prize and the larger high-priced commissioned works of model makers such as Michele Conti, Brianza is at the forefront of what you might call the coffee table movement.

Jacques Vaucher   Courtesy of l'art et l'automobile
15 328 - One Year Later
It's one year old, it's eleven years old - either way, the old girl still has a few secrets

It's been a little over a year now since the 328 series was introduced, and just about twelve months since they've hit the streets, and at face value, these milestones would create little more than a yawn. It's really an old car, eleven years old, so it's hard to shake off that lethargy that one carries when confronting a favorite old suit, or well used but reliable set of golf clubs, for instance.

Ferrari, Jeffrey R. Zwart
18 The Maranello Machine - Sebring 1961
Ferrari Came, Saw and Conquered; and took no prisoners! Life on the Battlefield with Ferrari in command

It is interesting how one finds a story. We had received some excellent old transparencies from photographer Tony Scodwell on the 1961 Sebring 12 Hour race, where Ferrari figured prominently, and it was fortunate because color photos of these old races and race cars are becoming very rare, but it was also unfortunate because the trusty Ektachromes had long since begun to fade.

Tony Scodwell
22 Sebring 12 Hour - March 25, 1961
Entrants and Race Results
24 Royal Carriage - The King Leopold Ferrari
Three Kings met, with Historic results: King Leopold requested it, Enzo Ferrari built it, Pinin Farina styled it

Royalty and expensive motor cars just seem to go together. You know the kind ... Park Ward Rolls-Royces, Grosser Mercedes-Benz, and stretched limousines of various manufacture. They're a normal part of any royal retinue. Take Ferrari for example. Within the first ten years of production, well over two dozen V-12 powered road going Ferraris had found a first home with a titled personage or royal house in Europe or Asia.

Alan Boe   Alan Boe
31 375 Plus Cabriolet Specifications
33 Ferrari Restorations, a general overview

As older Ferrari automobiles become more valuable, their restorations become more important, both in terms of the quality of the work done and the accuracy of the final product. No doubt you want your money to be spent wisely. If you are contemplating a restoration and are put off by the complex nature of the undertaking, we present for you below a guide of sorts on how restorations are performed, and what to look for when approaching the restoration industry.

Scott Grundfor   Courtesy of Scott Restorations
36 The Exception to Every Rule
Restoring the Ferrari 500 Mondial Coupé, s/n 0452

Four cylinder Ferraris are a rare commodity. Only two 500 Mondial Coupes were made by Pinin Farina. Given its missing parts and dilapidated state, the Mondial would not seem to have been the "ideal" candidate for restoration. However, Jeff Lewis, the owner at the time of restoration, chose to proceed because of the car's history and rarity.

37 News and Notes

Our undercover man at the Department of Transportation, who checks all the serial numbers of new and used Ferraris (and other exotic cars) entering the country, reports that the big problem now is duplicate numbers showing up. In other words, as the new numbers are run through the government computers, they match up with cars already here, meaning one or the other is a stolen vehicle with transposed identification plates ...

38 Two more specials on the Ferrari Testarossa theme
Restoring the Ferrari 500 Mondial Coupé, s/n 0452

The German firm of Zender in Mulheim-Kaerlich does a lot of modifying of Ferraris in Europe, and here they have added the extravagant sweeping side grill and fender line as found on the Ferrari Testaross to this 3.2 Mondial Cabriolet. Metalcrafters in Newport Beach, CA removed the roof of a Testarossa to be replaced by the panel out of a 308 GTS.

Courtesy of Zender
40 Replicate Makers rebuked

As you have no doubt read elsewhere already, Ferrari SpA of Italy has filed suit in the U.S. against several builders of Ferrari replicas. These are not the people who are retrofitting GTO bodies onto 250 GTE 2+2 chassis (although a suit is said to be contemplated against these folks), but the people who are manufacturing look-alike Ferrari bodies and placing them onto extraneous chassis, such as Corvette or Datsun 280 Z.

California Dreaming

We paid a visit to La Jolla Ferrari recently, the authorised Ferrari dealer for very southern California, and it was a unique experience because here, we believe, is one of the most elegant new showrooms ever to present Ferrari, or any other marque.

Courtesy of Symbolic Cars
42 Ferrari Team announced

In the middle of November, 1986, at Maranello, Ferrari introduced to the press its team members for 1987. This was the first public presentation of the two people who are expected to be the hope and salvation of Ferrari next year. Director of Competitions, John Barnard, and number Two driver, Gerhard Berger.

43 Serious Ferrari Sedan Racing returns

In Great Britain in 1986, the Ferrari importer Maranello Concessionaires and the British Ferrari Owners Club sponsored a series of races at various tracks for Ferraris only. It was quite a success as the cars entered were modified 308s and Boxers.

44 Monterey Mecca

The very mention of the place gets the juices flowing. Speed, beauty, history, the smell of special fuels and warm lubricants, the sounds of open pipes and high rpm, famous drivers, beautiful people, old friends, new friends, Ferraris, and more Ferraris. It all comes together in late aUgust in an annual renewal of kindred Spirits at the Monterey Historic Automobile Races and Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Ed Gilbertson   Autosprint
42 Heard over the Factory Wall

By the time you read this, the new Ferrari Formula One car will most likely have been tested, both at Fiorano and at Rio de Janeiro in January. The car is the work of Gustav Brunner, the designer hired over a year ago to design the Indy car. By mid-year he was given the assignment to come up with a 1987 F1 chassis, since the 1986 model was faring so poorly...

43 A Piece of Ferrari History passes on

Franco Cortese died recently at the age of 83, and his death is noteworthy to commemorate, not simply because he was one of the last ancient warhorses of a bygone era, but also be cause he was the first driver of the first racing car to emanate from the small war town Maranello works of Enzo Ferrari, and more importantly, he was the first driver to give Ferrari its first company victory.

45 Palm Springs, a Ferrari oasis

Thirty years ago, the southern California boys used to gather here in Palm Springs to go racing, part of a loose confederation of West Coast circuits that included such memorable locales at Torrey Pines and Monterey. The cars were great, the sun was perfect, the desert was warm, the food was excellent, the women were..., but we ramble on with such memories.

46 Targa Florio revived

The popularity of vintage auto racing has taken the civilised world by storm, it seems, and with the great success of the "rerunning" of some of the classic races (the Mille Miglia most notably), more venues are being explored and/or exploited.

47 The first annual Grand Bahama Vintage Grand Prix

The place is Freeport/Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island and the date December 1-7, 1986, but it could have been 1954 with the start of the Nassau Speed Weeks of days gone by. It all started in the 1950s and it lasted 13 years. The drivers said the original 3.5 mile course was a nightmare consisting of a disused war-time airport.

Susann Miller   Susann Miller, Sidell Tilghman
48 Avvisi Economici