Cavallino magazine 33

June / July 1986

  • Language: American English American English
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

Cover photograph of a Ferrari Competizione Daytona David Edgerton

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
Number Thirty Three
4 What hast Ferrari wrought

Most call it memorabilia, some call it trivia, but no matter what the view, there's no denying that the amount of Ferrari related material extant is enormous, and threatens to continue unfolding at a rate to equal that of the immeasurable expansion of the universe.

This Issue

In our last issue, we had a lead in article about Ferrari restorations and Ferrari Concours d'Elegance by Ed Gilbertson. In it, he spoke of the need for some kind of sense and order in approaching Ferraris and their preservation, and he presented an interesting set of guidelines to be studied and used. In accordance with that, presented in this issue are the classifications for Ferraris at a Concours d'Elegance as formulated by the NAC/PFA committee.

8 Lettere
10 Additions and Corrections
12 The Scuderia Filipinetti
A look at this popular and successful private team

Having first studied as an engineer in Germany, Georges Filipinetti later worked as an inspector at Chrysler, finally for Bugatti. In 1938, he took over his father's company in the cold storage and heating industry. During the next 30 years, his business reached a considerable dimension and he also became active and very successful in the real estate business. And it was Filipinetti who became the founder of SAVAF in Geneva, the official Ferrari importer for Switzerland.

Marcel Massini   Collection Marcel Massini
14 Scuderia Filipinetti's Major Victories
Scuderia Filipinetti's Ferraris
17 Classes for the Classics
When your Ferrari belongs at High Noon - it's time to see who you're up against

The numerous general shows held throughout the world each year include many marques and, as a result, the individual classis often represent the products of several auto manufactures. Most of the major marques clubs have specialised concours events. The Ferrari Club of America sponsors a National Ferrari Concours each year in conjunction with their annual meet and the Ferrari Owners Club (U.S.) held an International Ferrari Concours in 1984.

Ed Gilbertson   Guy Mangiamele
20 Comp. Daytona
How It Came To Be

It was a car that never was meant to be. But the racing world thought otherwise. And, when pressed into service, it kept the Ferrari honour intact as much as any other before or since.

David Edgerton, Daytona Speedway
26 Significant Placings of the Competition Daytonas
Ferrari Comp. Daytona race results
27 A Comparison of Specifications
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona vs. Competition Daytona
Sidell Tilghman, Mel Stanley
29 Comp. Daytona Serial Numbers
The Ferrari Semi-Official Competition Daytonas and other, unofficial Competition Daytonas
Gerald Roush, Antoine Prunet, Dave Gunn, Doug Nye
32 It is Real, or is it?
Ferrari 500 TRC s/n 0702 MDTR

Our lead subject this issue is one model only, made by a single modeller, and the result is guaranteed to amaze both the model aficionado and the budding neophyte. This model deserves special attention and special consideration. Through the generous aid of Marshall Buck of Creative Miniature Associates, we were present at the unveiling of Ferrari tip 500 TRC, serial number 0702 MDTR; no, not back in 1957 in Modena for the real thing, but here, just a few months ago in New York City.

Manuel Olivé Sans
34 Prancing Horses in the Land of Horses

As we cast a baleful eye out our winter window, watching sleet pelting down through cold and gloom, it came as no surprise that we could conjure up many and important travels we had to take on behalf of the magazine, and all in warmer climes. One such sojourn took us to Texas where we visited the Ferrari dealership in Houston, and we must admit right off that there was another rationale for going there.

38 Spy Shots
It's time to play your favorite game
39 Where Exotic Ferraris meet

As we have oft noted in these pages recently, the price of exotic street sports cars has climbed to stratospheric heights. What has scaled even faster and higher has been the market for pure racing sports cars and racing prototypes. In fact, they have gone up so far and so rapidly that many dealers have been forced out of this lucrative but dicey market, and the costs involved have precluded a newcomer from even entering this rarified field unless he comes with deep pocket, iron nerve, and sound advice.

Courtesy of Motor Classic Corp.
42 New Car is launched

The winter months as Ferrari brought forth very little worthwhile news about any new race cars; indeed, the rumour mill was more than unusually quiet. In fact, when the team did com out to practice in Portugal in December and Rio de Janeiro in January, the cars were the 156/85 chassis, engines, and bodies with no apparent changes to be seen at all. If any development was taking place, it seems to be just on these cars only, and not anything new.

Ferrari, F.R. Mazzi-Saunders Inc.
44 The 1986 Season opens --- to race, perchance to win
Formula one

Brazilian Grand Prix (March 23) Spanish Grand Prix (April 13)

Ferrari, Stefanini
Heard over the Factory wall

Monza in September is the target date for the new Ferrari Grand Prix car being designed and built right now. It will be ultra low like the new Brabham, and will have a completely new engine. Hopefully, it will prove better than the Brabham, which has had a lacklustre season so far ... There is talk of bringing in a third driver to test this car when ready.

48 Avvisi Economici
Have a Ferrari you want to sell ... or Ferrari Parts ... or Ferrari Memorabilia?