Cavallino magazine 32

April / May 1986

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

On the cover a Ferrari 328 GTS Guy Mangiamele

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
Number Thirty Two
4 Replica Ruminations

The market for Ferrari replicas has quite down considerably in recent months, especially after the legal action brought by Fiat and Ferrari against replica maker William Favre in Geneva last year. More than a dozen firms were poised to jump onto this lucrative field, both making and marketing the cars, but the feeling now is that non of them have the pockets deep enough to go head to head against Fiat in court.

This Issue

We were able to get our hands on a new 328, and not just any 328. This one is a European model, a black one too, and one of the first, in fact, of the type delivered to Germany. Our contributing photographer, Guy Mangiamele, was on hand to drive the car and shoot those superb photographs.

8 Lettere
11 Additions and Corrections
12 Fotografia
Gran prix du Monaco 1959

In this issue, we begin a small series featuring photographic representations which we feel capture the spirit and essence of the racing Ferrari, whether accelerating at full tilt, braking deep into a turn, hanging on the ragged edge in a flat out corner, or simply powering along at a nimble-footed pace. One such photograph is this excellent panoramic scene of the first lap of the Gran Prix du Monaco in 1959.

15 There's no Business like Show Business
Throughs on Ferrari Restoration

Having been involved in Ferrari concours activity for the past dozen years, first as an entrant and later as a judge and organizer, it can safely be said that all kinds of people participate in concours events for all kinds of reasons. There are the diehards who will do whatever it takes in the way of time or money to win; there are the not-so-wealthy enthusiasts who do their own work and are anxious to show the world the results of their labor of love.

Ed Gilbertson
20 Ferrari 328 - First Impressions
A Test Drive in Germany

We take you on a trip to Germany to sample one of the first Ferrari 328s on the road. We found it to be both a surprise and a pleasure - faster, stronger, and more powerful, but still comfortable and eminently reassuring. Herewith our report in detail.

Guy Mangiamele   Guy Mangiamele
26 Ferrari 365 GTC
A fleet beauty, a studied grace, an ideal comfort; a better combination can hardly be found

As Ferrari expanded its production facilities in the early years of the 1960s, it entertained the idea more and more of building a car to service every perceivable niche at the higher end of the sports car market. A sprawling new assembly plant at Maranello, combined with an even more extensive body manufacturing facility at Pininfarina in Turin, plus the smaller specialty one at Scaglietti in Modena, gave Ferrari the capability to comfortably refine its market offering and to present an always interesting variation on the sports car theme.

30 The 365 GTC Specifications
32 Notizie

When on thinks of Wide World of Cars, the Ferrari dealership in Spring Valley, New York, one invariably thinks of this premier establishment's major domo, the personable Alberto Pedretti. Often Alberto's special abilities were put to the test, but Alberto always came through. Need a BB LM back when those cars were the hot ones to race? Alberto got you a new model direct from the factory.

30 The 365 GTC Serial Numbers
Gerald Roush
33 News and Notes

Most of the big collectible Ferraris, by which we mean the most desirable 200 or so older Ferraris, rarely if ever change hands, but now, for a variety of reasons, some obvious and some obscure, many of them have been on the move in recent months. Before this, the owner simply sat back and watched prices climb, knowing that a 250 GTO in the garage was better than money in the bank.

36 The work of Marc Antonietti

The French master model maker, began his craft more than 30 years ago. Now working in association with Henri Bossat, Antonietti creates some of the most exceptional 1/8 scale models in the world. Antonietti and Bossat work in a small studio in central France. Their replicas are completely handcrafted, and are all scratch built from top quality materials.

Jacques Vaucher, Susan Dolan   Marc Antonietti
38 The wooden models or R.D. Marmonde

Most of the 1/43 scale models of Ferrari automobiles are produced in a white metal alloy, a resin based plastic, or a combination of both. Some of these, particularly those of more recent manufacture, have photo etched details such as wheels, window frames, grills, etc. They are generally produced as a kit of parts which is then marketed either as a kit or built up by the manufacturer.

David Robidoux
41 Onward and upward
Formula one

As Ferrari regrouped for the 1986 season, several personnel changes were made which hopefully will bring Ferrari back to a place of prominence. Hired from the disbanded Renault team was the Renault engine man Jean Jacques His. He has had long experience with turbo-charged motors and his main taks is to assist Ferrari engine specialists Ing. Ildo Renzetti and Ing. Luciano Caruso in making the V-6 engine more reliable.

Indy activity proceeds

To design the proposed Ferrari Indianapolis 500 type car, the factory has employed the Austrian Gustav Brunner. Several other designers were approached before Mr. Brunner was found, but he has impressive credentials, working on the Alfas for Euroracing and on the RAM chassis, and also for the ATS team, which produced a notably agile and reliable car.

44 Heard over the Factory wall

A Ferrari V-8 has been strapped to the back of an Alba C2 chassis and run at the recent 24 Hours of Daytona. It was entered and riven by the same two men who entered that blazing, turbo powered V-8, 308 funny car in 1981 at the same Daytona race. The car that ran then was blazingly quick, but broke down in the first hours. It was a mystery car. No one would admit whether it was a Ferrari factory plant or a backyard effort by Messrs. Martino Finotto and Carlo Facetti, but it was quite sophisticated and very fast...

48 Avvisi Economici
Have a Ferrari you want to sell ... or Ferrari Parts ... or Ferrari Memorabilia?