Cavallino magazine 27

May / June 1985

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  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 50 pages

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

Cover photograph of a Ferrari Testarossa Guy Mangiamele

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We were having a chat on the phone with Claudio Sguazzini, Ferrari's North American manager, about things in general, when he all of a sudden said, "If you van have someone at the factory on March 8, there might be some things of interest to take pictures of." Knowing that the Italians can sometimes outdo the English in understatement, we immediately asked a photographer friend of ours to make the trips and see what there was to see.

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Additions and Corrections
12 1985 Ferrari 412
A detailed look at Ferrari's and Pininfarina's latest creation

As Ferrari rolled through the last few months of 1983 and the first nine months of 1984, unleashing at it went one technological grenade after another - first, four valve heads for all the V-8s, then a convertible Mondial, then a muscle 308 nostalgically called the GTO, and finally, the overwhelmingly powerful Testarossa - one tended to forget about the quiet 400 series.

Complete Specifications
16 ABS
The Anti-Lock ABS - how it Works

Ferrari has introduced on the 412 series, a relatively new anti-lock braking system manufactured by Bosch of West Germany. We say relatively new because it has been around for a few years on some European trucks, buses, and light commercial vehicles, but has only recently been produced for passenger cars on a regular, non-test basis.

18 Ode to the Ferrari 400
A fond remembrance of this great series

One of the best kept secrets among Ferrari 400 owners, even amongst those who have owned several other types of Ferraris from ferocious to tame, and who even now may own several Ferraris concurrently with their 400, is that they prefer the Ferrari 400 most of all.

20 Testing the Testarossa at Fiorano
Testing the first US specification production Testarossa at the best possible place of all: Ferrari's own test track

Naturally, we arrived at the gate early. How could I be expected to contain myself? Sabine had been very patient, agreeing to rush through breakfast in spite of the fact that we were only two kilometers from the factory and weren't supposed to arrive for an hour.

Guy Mangiamele   Guy Mangiamele
29 The Ferrari 250 GTE - Four on the floor (seats that is)
Ferrari's First Production 2+2

Sure, many Ferraris are better looking ... and faster ... and more valuable, but that doesn't make the Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2, Ferrari's first four seater, any less important in the overall Ferrari scheme of things. The GTE was the first production based Ferrari designed to carry more than two passengers, and ever since its debut in 1960, a four seater with front engined V-12 power has been part of the automotive selection offered by Ferrari.

Alan Boe   General Marsh, Ferrari
34 Ferraris in the sun

A trip to a local Ferrari dealer is always a worthwhile excursion, since one never tires of seeing any model Ferrari "in the flesh". One such place we visited recently was Shelton Ferrari in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and while the Shelton brothers have owned the business for only two years, the company itself, under the aegis of Robert Cressman, has been around nearly forever in Ferrari time-scale of things.

36 News and Notes
37 And Still More Ferrari Books
39 Ferrari in Piccolo

"Not everybody can afford to get in and drive their favorite automobile, but most people can afford to park, a model of it in their office ..." These are the words of one of America's premier model makers, Duane Lockwood. The Pennsylvania resident constructed professional military models for the Navy for more than 17 years and has specialized in automobile miniatures for the past four years.

Jacques Vaucher, Susan Dolan   Andrew Veljikovic
41 1985 Ferrari 156/85 formula one
A close look at the new 156/85 Ferrari Grand Prix car
Giorgio Piola
44 The Season Begins

Ferrari's Grand Prix 1985 season has gotten off to a very heartening start. The new 156/85 has proved to be a very fast and reliable car, as good as the McLarens, and already the season is shaping up a free-for-all between Ferrari, McLaren and Lotus.

46 Heard over the Factory Wall

Development continues on the 154 four cylinder engine, which reportedly will be raced seriously by mid-year. On board will be turbochargers designed and built by Ferrari and not KKK or IHI. Turbos are not that hard to make, other than some tricky castings, and Ferrari apparently feels it can do a better job alone.