Cavallino magazine 25

January / February 1985

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

Cover photograph of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB, s/n 2689 GT Robert Devlin

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
4 Lettere
Additions and Corrections
6 Ferrari in Print
Every Ferrari Book known to Man, and then Some

Enzo Ferrari and his many herculean endeavours have caused, in the course of his long and fruitful existence, exciting cars to be built, exciting races to be run, exciting times to be lived and enjoyed and relived by those who knew him and his work. Just as his cars have spewed forth from the factory gates in wondrous profusion over the years, the number of books spilled forth from the pens of Ferrari auteurs is almost as numerous.

"Sig. Bibliotecario"
20 SWB - part 1
The Two Fifty Gran Truism Short Wheelbase Berlinetta - an ideal Combination

The SWB got its name innocently enough - just a short descriptive tag at first of "short wheelbase" added to its 250 GT type number to distinguish it from the previous long wheelbase 250 GT - but that name was retained over the years and come to represent an automobile of superior and uncompromising qualities. In its heyday, in both competition and street forms, it had speed in abundance, unflagging power, unrivalled reliability, precision steering, uniform handling, and sheer good look.

Robert Devlin, Richard F. Merritt, J.P. Caron
30 SWB Spotter's Guide

The SWB is a good example of the many changes Ferrari and Pininfarina could make on a car in the course of three years; some were functional and some were cosmetic, but all added to the ensuing confusion of what an SWB should look like. This guide will help, but be warned, it is only general.

Jonathan Thompson
34 SWB Serial Numbers

A list of all known Ferrari 250 GT short wheelbase serial numbers, which also denotes whether the car was a race model or street car, and which provides a few comments on those cars that deserve a mention.

39 Ferrari in Piccolo

While the cliche that limitation is a sincere form of flattery often leads to poor quality copies of non-memorable work, inspired replication offers an alternative way to appreciate objects worth savouring. What replication can be more inspired than precise 1/43rd scale Ferrari models? The miniatures are scaled-down versions of these machines, which then can be constructed by professional model builders or put together from detailed kits.

Jacques Vaucher, Susan Dolan   Rotarex, R. Doucet
40 New Poster Calendar

We received a copy of the new Ferrari 1985 poster / calendar put out by the Project F1 Publishing Company in Germany. The calendar is large measuring 19x27 inches, and it is superbly printed as are most printed pieces from Germany, but what is unusual about this particular calendar, and what sets it apart from most calendars of this type, is the different treatment given to the cars.

Gunther Raupp
41 News and Notes
Gente Motori, Pininfarina
45 Heard over the Factory Wall

As the Ferrari team practiced away during the winter months to make ready for the 1985 season, a whole hoots interesting rumours swirled about the Scuderia, some probably and some possible, and all definitely interesting.

Autosprint, Giorgio Piola
47 On the Good Old Days

Old Racing Ferraris never die, thankfully and survive through two worthwhile pursuits. One is by way of a thorough restoration, where the car is safely stored and shown with pride at select Concours d'Elegance. The other way is not as safe, treacherous even, but the cares are cited for almost as much and survive in even greater glory. This latter path is in vintage racing.

Sidell Tighman