Cavallino magazine 19

January / February 1984

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

Cover photograph of Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa, s/n 002C David Edgerton

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
2 Commento

As is reported later in this issue, Ferrari made big news in 1983 in the racing world, not for announcing a new engine or new chassis, not for winning this race or losing that one, not for any tiff or altercation with the FIA or race organizers, but for replacing one of his best drivers with a relative newcomer. Patrick Tambay, the hero of 1982 for Ferrari and the seasoned veteran in 1983, bas been let go and in his place has been hired Michele Alboreto!

4 Lettere
Additions and Corrections
8 One Man's Passion - The Ferrari Twelves
An Era Recollected through the Eyes of One of Enzo Ferrari's Early Customers

How many of us have been loyal to one make of car for a period of thirty-two years? Not many, I'm sure. When considering the fact that today many enthusiasts' automobiles are post war creations such as Ferrari and Porsche, and have therefore only been manufactured for periods extending to thirty-five years, any protracted loyalty to one postwar marque becomes all the more rare.

Robert T. Devlin   Alfred Ducato, Pinin Farina, Ducato Collection
27 The First Ferraris
part 1

An updated history of the oldest Ferraris known to exist, and an expanded history of Ferrari's racing record for 1947 and 1948. I do not consider the 815 to be the first Ferrari. The two 815s built for the 1940 Mille Miglia were an unsuccessful effort to design a sports / racing car using modified Fiat components.

Stanley Nowak   David Edgerton, Nowak Collection
30 Ferrari, Lui
A continuing history of Enzo Ferrari's early years
Gino Rancati
36 The Ferrari as Art
A heartfelt tribute to the Ferrari Marque, from a master craftsman who knows

It take more than just knowing the numbers and setting the car to "spec" to get the most out of a Ferrari. The numbers or specs represent scientifically the relationships between the different parts of the car or engine, but they are only part of the story when they concern Ferraris. Besides being the machines which were created through the science of engineering and the magic of chemistry, Ferraris are works of art, and this is where the intangible, esoteric part comes in.

Douglas C. Pirrone
38 The Very Latest ...

Recently, Ferrari North America held a special dealer meeting in New York City to show off the new Mondial Convertible, and to make some concrete predictions and announcements. It was a closed meeting, for the dealers only with the press not invited, but our spies were able to glean some interesting tidbits.

Norbert Andrup
40 Ferrari Reunion

There is something magical for us when we see an elder statesman of the Grand Prix and sports car racing circus re-united with one of the legendary cars from another time. Maurice Trintignant from France to drive the car in question: a 1954 Ferrari 375 Plus, one of only five made and believed to be the car which won Le Mans in 1954, with Trintignant co-driving.

David Edgerton
42 Corse

Ferrari has finished the 1983 Grand Prix season with both good and bad news. Good in that it won the Manufacturers Championship for the second year in a row, but bad because it lost the Drivers Championship when it had it in its grasp.

Miles McAndrews
46 An Update of the 126 Series
Turbo Update

As the Ferrari Grand Prix program moves along, it might be good to back up a bit to review quickly the history of the 126 C Formula 1 cars. They are well into their third year and can be pronounced an overall success.

Nortbert Andrup