Cavallino magazine 13

July / December 1981

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 56 pages

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

On the cover a Ferrari 625 F1 David Edgerton

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
2 Commento

This is Cavallino 13, a lucky issue for us, I believe, because it begins our third year, and because it incorporates many new things. As you peruse the issue in had, you'll notice that it's 8 pages longer, something we hope will continue in future issues.

4 Lettere
6 Additions and Corrections
10 A 625 F1 Argentina
A History of these early, rare Ferrari Grand prix cars

The uncertainty caused by the dispute between the FOCA and Watkins Glen led to the 1980 vintage entry being the wordt by far since vintage racing came to Watkins eight years ago. Still, the trip was worthwhile, if only because of Bob Sutherland's Ferrari 625 Argentina. One of the most agreeable moments for a lover of old race cars is when a fresh restoration first rolls off the trailer at a race track.

Michael T. Lynch
Ferrari 625 F1
18 625 serial numbers
Individual histories
Michael T. Lynch
Ferrari 625 F1
22 Competition Record of the Ferrari 625 F1
Jonathan Thompson
Ferrari 625 F1
25 512 S Berlinetta Speciale
A car whose significance is just now being realized

In a previous issue of Cavallino (number 9) we showed one of the wildest Ferraris ever - the Modulo, a Pininfarina styling exercise on a Ferrari 512 S chassis. Another styling exercise by Pininfarina on the Ferrari 512 S is shown here, and while it is not as exotic as the Modulo, it was certainly unusual for its appearance in the year 1969 at the Turin Auto Show.

Paolo Mallepelle   Courtesy of Pininfarina
29 275 GTS
A continuation of our series on the Great 275

When Ferrari ceased production of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB California and the Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet in the fall of 1962, he did not have a ready replacement on stream. Their styling, while beautiful, was beginning to appear dated and no longer was at the forefront of automotive design.

Dyke Ridgley   Phil Bagley
Ferrari 275 GTS
34 275 GTS chassis numbers

The following listing of serial numbers is a complete list of all Ferrari 275 GTSs produced. Pininfarina also coded the bodies with a separate serial number, which is located on a place attached to the underside of the hood or trunk lid, near the front. This set of numbers runs from #1 to #200 and matches the sequence of the chassis numbers.

Dyke Ridgley
Ferrari 275 GTS
35 The 275 Engine - part 1
A Detailed Appraisal of the Tipo 213 Engine Cylinder Head Design

The cylinder head used on the 275 engined, single overhead cam Ferraris was the last classic Colombo head design, even though the larger displacement 330 and 365 single cam engines use a similar head design. The cylinder head was sand cast in silumin, a silicone-aluminium alloy. As is usual for all of Ferrari's sand cast components, the quality and rough finish of the castings were beautiful.

Dyke Ridgley   Courtesy of SEFAC Ferrari, Courtesy of Car & Driver
Ferrari 275 GTS
36 Ferrari 275 GTS
An Appreciation

On these two pages are some beautiful photos of a pristine Ferrari 275 GTS taken by Mr. Rasmussen for his latest book, "Ferraris for the Road," published by Classic Motorbooks. The book is part of his famous "The Survivors" series.

Henry Rasmussen
Ferrari 275 GTS
40 Off to the Races
Ferrari does surprisingly well at Daytona and heads for Le Mans

One of the great traditions to be found in the Ferrari racing world is that of the privateer taking a Ferrari and setting off to challenge one and all in some serious competition. This goes back to the early days of Ferrari after the war when gentlemen and/or professional drivers would purchase a car and take part in the Mille Miglia, or Le Mans, or the Targa Florio.

Paolo Mallepelle   David Edgerton, Ron Hussey, Tony Ciminera
47 Notizie

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