Cavallino magazine 11

May / June 1980

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Stanley Nowak
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages

The Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts

On the cover a Ferrari 500 Superfast, s/n 6039 SF Alan Bishop

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
2 Commento

No comment needed, really. This was sent to us from an unknown source, and reportedly it was taken deep in the heart of Ferrari country. Spoof or not, it was great to receive, and it epitomised the pervasive influence Cavallino is beginning to have in the Ferrari world.

9 Ferrari 500 Superfast - An Appreciation
A Look at the Rare and Super Fast Ferrari

"In regard to this car, one cannot refer to competition success (because it is not a competition design), not its sales success (simply because so few have been built)" - SEFAC brochure on the Ferrari 500 Superfast. Understated in style, forceful in name and awesome in performance, the Ferrari 500 Superfast, along with the Ferrari 365 California, represents the last of the limited production ultra high performance designs from Maranello.

Allen Bishop
16 The Dino 156 formula one
Ferrari introduces his First Rear-Engined Car, and it Wins, Right out of the Box!

At Ferrari's February 1961 press conference, Carlo Chiti's brand new Dino 156 formula 1 cars were unveiled, to become famous as the "Shark-nose" Ferraris. With the mid-engine position decided there was plenty of room available to use a wider, lower engine, which would help the car's handling by reason of reduction in center of gravity height.

Doug Nye   Peter C. Coltrin
Dino 156
24 Dino 156 cutaway drawing
The interior of the 156 revealed
James A. Allington
Dino 156
26 "How Painful to See You..."

"... I ask heaven and earth Tell, do tell who reduced you to such state?" - from "All'Italia by Giacomo Leopardi"

Christer Mellin, Rein Tomson
32 Mike Hawthorn
The Story of Ferrari World Champion Mike Hawthorn

He was six foot two, with white-blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He has just celebrated his twenty-first birthday. Raised in Surrey, he was veeery British, so mush so, that his patriotism may have hampered his chosen career. If he had lived in California, someone would have pointed him in the direction of a movie studio. But, the young man had long before decided that he would not only be a Grand Prix driver, but the World Champion!

L. Spencer Riggs   Peter C. Coltrin
36 Michelotti Daytona
A Last Design by a Great Master

The red, two seater Ferrari Spyder displayed at the Turin Motor Show on the Michelotti stand is the last car of the great Giovanni Michelotti. The spider that was commissioned to him be the American based Luigi Chinetti NART enterprise is such an appealing, well balanced, but still very exotic sports car that I tend to believe Michelotti had the feeling that this car would probably be his last one to design.

Giancarlo Perini   Courtesy of Giancarlo Perini
38 Giovanni Michelotti - A Memorial
A Great Stylist is Dead

The Italian design and automotive community was saddened recently by the death of one of the more stylish and exuberant of their members, Giovanni Michelotti. For the Ferrari world, it singled the loss of one of the earliest designs of Ferrari coachwork in the post WWII era.

Paolo Mallepelle
45 The Boxer Lives

There's been many rumors that the giant-killer 512 Berlinetta Boxer was to be phased out soon, with concentration being places on the more sedate 12 cylinder 400s. However, Ferrari has always known a good things when it made one, and far from being phased out, the Boxer is still available , and with some new regiments and changes.

46 Great Marques: Ferrari
by Godfrey Eaton

It is virtually impossible to cover such a vast subject as Ferrari in a small 96 page book, but at least author Godfrey Eaton (the venerable spokesman for all things Ferrari in the British Isles) recognises that and gives us a "coffee table" book that's fun to look at if not an in-depth analysis of different models.

Kurt H. Miska
Altre Pagine
45 Ferrari Testa Rossa V-12
by Joel E. Finn

The meticulous word processor (we won't day pen because he is in the employ of a major computer manufacturer) of Joel Finn has labored well and brought forth a new high in Ferrari research and writing. On the well known scale of 1 to 10, this tome on the TRs surely ranks very close to 10.

Kurt H. Miska
Altre Pagine
Turbo Specs

We'll have more news on the Ferrari 126 C Grand Prix car soon, but in the meantime, here are some specs for your files.