Cavallino magazine 3

January / February 1979

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Chuck Queener
  • Publisher: John W. Barnes, Jr.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages

The International Ferrari Magazine

On the cover Ferrari 312 T formula one John Lamm

Table of Contents

1 Ecco
2 Commento

This seat was reserved for Clay Regazzoni. A small cramped reclining piece of plastic that has been folded to fit his backside. On either side of the cockpit, in 72pt script, reversed out of a red background was his name. Down inside on top of the seat lay a five-point harness. To the right of the small pudgy leather-covered steering wheel, barely a wrist-twist away, stood a hand-rubbed hardwood shift lever poking up proudly from its shiny gate.

Chuck Queener   John W. Barnes, Jr.
4 Lettere
7 The Berlinetta Lusso - A Ferrari of Unusual Elegance
by Kurt H. Miska

Using hindsight to its full, unassailable advantage, it seems possible now that the term "Lusso" was just a trifle conservative when applied to this machine. Remember, if you will, that it first saw public light at the Paris Automobile Show in October of 1962; and now take another look at that design. Is it still elegant? Beautiful? Sweeping and balanced?

Dave Black
Altre Pagine
8 Calendàrio
9 Giulio Borsari

You have seen him standing in the background of the Ferrari pits for over 15 years. Tall, good looking and almost always smiling. Giulio Borsari at 54, retired on November 30, 1978. It was the occasion for a small informal party with his Ferrari co-workers at the Modena assistenza (service depot). I use the word "retired" advisedly because Borsari is not the type to sit placidly before the fireside.

Peter C. Coltrin
14 ASA 1000 GT

The idea of a less expensive, compact GT Ferrari - a Ferrarina - is intriguing in the extreme, to the marketing expert and to the Ferrari enthusiast who cannot afford the full size model. In the late 1950s Enzo Ferrari gave serious consideration to such a concept and by the end of 1959 three small engines had been built and tested in the Ferrari plant at Maranello.

Stanley Nowak   Stanley Nowak
24 Ferrari 312 T formule one

"The ringing in my ears lasted for nearly two days. In the total silence of my studio that night at 1:00 AM, I kept hearing the Ferrari shattering the calm with tis incredible noise and then the adrenaline would ease back into my system."

Chuck Queener, John Dinkel   John Lamm
28 T test - Road & Track
This is one T test that's more than mere statics

Paul Lamar provided a special test rig he designed consisting of a photoelectric pickup that attached to one steering arm and read the contrast difference between the normal dark part of the wheel rim and four pieces of white styrofoam plastic attached to the rim by doubleback tape. The signal generated by the pickup was fed into a tape recorder attached to the front structure of the car inside the nose cone.

John Dinkel
34 Quotable Quotes
About Ferrari of course

The advent of the first V-12 Ferrari in 1947 was a Godsend not only for racers, promoters, and the spectators at races, but to writers - automotive and otherwise. It is highly probable that more words have been written about some other makes - Ford, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Bezn and Alfa Romeo, to name five - but it is questionable if any have inspired as much total excitement and dedication to creating "purple prose" as has Ferrari.

Dean Batchelor   Peter C. Coltrin
40 Illegal in 50 States

Freedom of choice is a basic American instinct. Restrict an American's freedom of choice and someone is in trouble. Since the beginning of 1968 we have not been able to buy every Ferrari we wanted to. Only those specially transformed by the factory to meet the legal standards laid down by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can be imported.

Stanley Nowak   Phipps Photographic
44 Notizie

Ferrari 512 BBs for Daytona and Le Mans 512 BB rumors Early start at Le Mans Formule 1 Confusion and the "Super License" Fiorano Lap Record Buon Compleanno, Ingeniere Ferrari!

Chuck Queener   Alessandro Stefani
46 Clutches
Principles of Operation

The clutch is a friction device which provides a gradual engagement of the engine with the drivetrain of your car. This is necessary because the engine does not produce sufficient torque when idling and therefore the engine rpm must be increased to overcome the inertia of the car. The increased torque must be applied gradually for a smooth start and also to prevent shock-loading of driveline components.

K.W. McCay
48 Piccola Pubblicita
Classified section