Cavallino magazine 1

September / October 1978

  • Language: American English American English
  • Editor: Chuck Queener
  • Publisher: Cavallino Inc.
  • Publication: Softcover | 208 x 277 mm | 48 pages

The International Ferrari Magazine

Table of Contents

1 Contento
2 Editoriale

By definition and translation 'Cavallino' means pony. 'Cavallino Rampant' are the words used to describe the rampant stallion that is Ferrari's symbol and it is also the name of the 'ristorante e bar' directly across the road from the main gate at the factory in Maranello. It is now the name of a bi-monthly magazine devoted to all matters that concern Ferrari, the man and his cars.

Chuck Queener
4 Postale
7 Pinin Farina - Master Coachbuilder
by Michael Frostick

For the student of coach building it is a worthwhile book to have. Basically it is a book of photographs covering Pinin Farina's designs from the inception of the famous coach building house in 1930 through 1955. In all, 378 black and white photographs are used, almost all obtained from the company's archives.

Stanley Nowak
8 Calendario
9 The first 100 Cars, part I
1C to 0040M

In the first of a two-part series, Stan Nowak will discuss Ferrari's first 100 cars. The even-numbered cars listed in het are all Type 166 Mille Miglias except if noted otherwise. The off-numbered cars are all Type 166 Sports and were basically touring cars.

Stanley Nowak
15 Ferrari 225 Sport
History and serial numbers

What is a 255? Well, once again we come to true confessions time. Even though many people have called me a Ferrari expert, the truth is that I didn't know a blessed thing about the type 225 until I bought one. A 1952 type 225 Sport Vignale Berlinetta serial No. 0170ET was purchased from collector/restorer David Carroll based on photographs and a lengthy story he had given me on the car's restoration.

Edwin K. Niles   Rodolfo Mailander, G. Mantovani, Pete Sachs
21 Mercato

A regular feature of Cavallino will be the classified section, where private parties can advertise Ferrari cars, parts, or memorabilia to an enthusiastic and interested audience around the world.

22 The Michelin Connection

The Michelin / Ferrari combination seems to have surprised a lot of people. That the graffiti was on the wall for a long time doesn't seem to mean that it was read. Before reading it let's review briefly the overall rubbery aspects of Ferrari, from the beginning.

Jess G. Pourret   Alessandro Stefanini
24 196 S Dino

When most people think of a Dino they envision the rear-engined 246 GT or 308 GT4; and rightly so for they are evolutionary relatives of the earliest V-6 and V-8 engines. It was conceived by Vittorio Jano in the mid-1950s and b the end of 1956 the first V-6 bearing Ferrari's son's name had been run on the dyno. Variations of both 6 and 8 cylinders were produced primarily for racing purposes. From that point on Ferrari won races and world championships with both configurations.

Chuck Queener   Chuck Queener, Studio Worner
28 Recollections

Every Ferrari enthusiast probably remembers when and where he first saw a Ferrari. I'd seen them pictured in 'The Motor', 'The Autocar' and 'Road & Track' - all of which I bought from the big newsstand at Las Palmas and Hollywood Blvd - but my first look at a real one, in the metal, was the Tommy Lee Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta.

Dean Batchelor   Lee Render, Jerry Chesebrough
34 Le Mans 1978

Ferrari at Le Mans are as traditional as tea-at-4. Since 1949 they have won overall victories on nine occasions and from 1960 to 1965 compiled a string of consecutive wins that may never be equalled. For the past several years Ferrari has concentrated on Formula 1 racing paying little attention to long distance sports car events.

John Lamm
36 Antonio De Giusti

I must say, it came as a previously unthought of assignment when Chuck Queener asked me to do a profile on Antonio De Giusti. He has been Enzo Ferrari's unofficial artist almost from the beginning. They met in the early 1950s and with talent being the name of the game the engineer and artist understood each other as well then as they do today.

Peter C. Coltrin
40 Books & Brochures

It comes as no surprise that Ferrari has decided to put the clamps on individuals trying to cash in on their success. For many years Ferrari, unlike Porsche and Rolls-Royce, didn't see to car about people using their logo and manufacturing a wide spectrum of after-market products that ranged from key fobs to tool kits. Today people are buying anything stamped, printed or embroidered with the name Ferrari.

Chuck Queener   Chuck Queener
45 Ferrari 408 GT4 Facelift

Pininfarina hold a royal flush with their facelift of the 308 GT4 which was previously styled by Bertone. Pininfarina now dresses the entire line of production Ferrari; 308 GTB/GTS, 512 BB and 400 GT/Auto. The new 408 shows classic evolutionary influence from both the 308 GTB and the 400 Auto.

Notizie Ingenerale
46 Spark plug usage

The spark plugs used in the various Ferrari engines are subject to more extreme operating conditions than any other part of the engine. The extremely high thermal, mechanical, and chemical stresses imposed on the spark have created many difficult problems for the engineer.

K.W. McCay