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Ferrari Mondial t Cabriolet

The Mondial came out with a new T version, so called for the gearbox positioned transversely as it was on T series F1 cars. The engine was enlarged from 3.2 to 3.4 litres. It featured an innovative twin plate clutch mounted outboard of the gearbox.A few aesthetic improvements have been made, such as the new shape of the side air intakes and the smaller headlights; but what is new about it is the engine, where the capacity has been increased to 3.4 litres.
The Mondial t was introduced together with the Mondial t Cabriolet at Geneva in 1989.
The cabrio version had an identical technical and stylistic treatment although the instrumentation was different, with a new, sportier design, and the interior was redesigned to make it roomier.

Years produced1989 - 1993
Chassis numbers80399 - 97733, (1017 built)
EngineV8 90º 3.405cc
LayoutLongitudinal, rear engine
Speed300 bhp, 245 kph