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Ferrari 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta

The Ferrari 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta is a rare, classic sports car known for its elegant design and powerful …

The Ferrari 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta is a legendary car that epitomizes the peak of automotive design and performance from the 1960s. This model is renowned not only for its striking appearance but also for its racing pedigree and technological advancements that set new standards for Ferrari and the automotive world.

Designed by Sergio Scaglietti, the Ferrari 330 GTO features an aerodynamic and elegant body that was crafted with both aesthetics and performance in mind. The bodywork is characterized by its curvaceous lines, low-slung profile, and the iconic long hood that houses its powerful engine. The design was optimized for racing, with a focus on reducing weight and improving aerodynamics to achieve higher speeds on the track.
The GTO was built using a lightweight aluminum alloy body, which contributed to its agility and performance. The design included a long bonnet that housed a 4.0-liter Tipo 163 V12 engine, positioned longitudinally in the chassis. This engine was capable of producing approximately 300 horsepower, enabling the car to reach a top speed of around 280 kilometers per hour (174 mph). The engine featured triple Weber carburetors, which enhanced its responsiveness and power delivery across a wide range of speeds.
The exterior design of the 330 GTO is timeless and iconic, featuring a long front overhang, a distinctive shark-nose front grille, and a clean, uncluttered rear end with a Kamm tail. The body panels were handcrafted and shaped with precision, showcasing Scaglietti's attention to detail and Ferrari's commitment to craftsmanship. The car's proportions and stance exude a sense of purpose and speed, making it a visually striking presence both on and off the track.

The Ferrari 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta was developed primarily for GT racing, specifically for the FIA Group 3 Grand Touring category. It was based on the chassis of the Ferrari 250 GTO, with several modifications to improve handling, aerodynamics, and overall performance. The GTO made its racing debut in 1962 and quickly proved its capabilities on the track.
In 1962, the GTO won its class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with Pierre Noblet and Jean Guichet behind the wheel. This victory was followed by numerous other successes in GT racing, including wins at the Tour de France Automobile and various endurance races. The GTO's success on the track cemented its reputation as one of the most successful and desirable racing cars of its era.

The interior of the Ferrari 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta is purposeful and minimalist, reflecting its racing pedigree. It features lightweight bucket seats upholstered in leather, a simple dashboard with essential gauges and controls, and a spartan cabin that prioritizes driver focus and functionality. The car's interior was designed with weight savings in mind, ensuring that every component contributed to the car's overall performance and handling characteristics.

Today, the Ferrari 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta is regarded as one of the most sought-after and valuable classic cars in the world. Its rarity, racing pedigree, and timeless design have made it a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts alike. Only a handful of these cars were produced, making each example highly prized and sought after at auctions and among private collectors.

The GTO's legacy extends beyond its racing achievements and aesthetic appeal. It represents a golden era of automotive engineering and design, where innovation, craftsmanship, and performance converged to create a car that continues to captivate and inspire enthusiasts more than five decades after its debut. As a symbol of Ferrari's commitment to excellence and its pursuit of automotive perfection, the 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta remains an enduring icon in the history of Ferrari and the automotive industry as a whole.

Years produced1962 - 1963
Chassis numbers3673 - 4561, (3 built)

Ferrari 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta Chassis

1962 Ferrari 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta s/n 3673 SA
1962 Ferrari 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta s/n 3765 LM
1963 Ferrari 330 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta s/n 4561 SA