Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2016

Italy, 20 - 22 May 2016

Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2016

Friday 20 - Sunday 22 May 2016

Class A: Pre-war Decadence - Flights of Automotive Fantasy
Class B: Pre-1945 Supercars - The Fast and the Flamboyant
Class C: Sur Mesure et Haute Couture - Rarities for the Connoisseur
Class D: Petite Performance - Pretty Pocket Rockets
Class E: Daring to be Different - Designs that pushed the Envelope
Class F: Cars of the Stars - From the Silver Screen to the Studio Lot
Class G: GT Man is back - The Golden Era of Sportscar Design, 1950-1975
Class H: Driven by excess - From Glam Rock to New Wave
Class I: Rally Cars - Heroes of the Special Stage, 1955-1985
Concept Cars & Prototypes

Poster of Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2016, Italy, 20 - 22 May 2016


No. Class Car Colors Entrants
002 A 1920 Delage CO 4.5-litre Salamanca
chassis 7283 • 6-cylinder, 4.524cc
BS 9667
Flag of Austria icon Albert Fellner
004 A 1925 Alfa Romeo RL Coupe de Ville
chassis 7940 • 6-cylinder, 2.916cc
BA 2604
Flag of Germany icon Manfred Sontheimer
Trofeo FIVA: To the best preserved pre war-car
006 A 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental 4-door convertible
chassis 7RY • 6-cylinder, 7.668cc
Light Blue metallic / Beige
XBV 640 (GB)
Flag of Belgium icon Michel Doret
008 A 1935 Alfa Romeo Squire 1.5-litre Long Chassis 4-seater Tourer
chassis 1501 • 4-cylinder, 1.496cc
Dark Red / Dark Red
CLO 5 (GB)
Flag of United Kingdom icon Peter Neumark
Mention of Honor Class A: Pre War Decadence
010 A 1937 Bentley 4.25-litre Hooper Drophead Coupé
chassis B-7-JY • 6-cylinder, 4.257cc
Light Blue / Blue
LA-G 117H (D)
Flag of Germany icon Michael Kliebenstein
012 A 1937 Lancia Astura Pinin series IV Farina Convertible
chassis 41-2909 • 8-cylinder, 2.973cc
Blue / Grey / Dark Blue
WO-SK 39H (D)
Flag of Lithuania icon Saulius Karosas
Class A Winner: Pre War Decadence
014 B 1932 Aston Martin International Bertelli Saloon
chassis I2/220 • 4-cylinder, 1.495cc
LJ 6308 (GB)
Flag of Swaziland icon Walter Frey Collection
016 B 1932 Austro Daimler ADR 6 Bergmeister Cabriolet
chassis 27019/33 • 6-cylinder, 3.614cc
Red / Black / Dark Red Flag of Austria icon Michael Kaufmann
018 B 1933 Lancia Asturia series II Castagna Berlinetta
chassis 30-101 • 8-cylinder, 2.973cc
Olive Green / Brown
Flag of Netherlands icon Antonius Meijer
Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este: Best of Show by Public Referendum at Villa d'Este
Class B Winner: PRE 1945 SUPERCARS
020 B 1937 Bugatti 57 SC Atalante Coupé
chassis 57523 • 8-cylinder, 3.257cc
Black / Beige
1957 57SC
Flag of Greece icon Kriton Lendoudis
Trofeo Vranken Pommery: To the best iconic car by the Jury
Class B Mention of Honor: Pre 1945 Supercars
022 B 1944 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Coupé
chassis 915209 • 6-cylinder, 2.443cc
Brown metallic
ZA 350 XP (I)
Flag of Italy icon Federico Vitto
026 C 1952 Rolls-Royce Phantom IV Sedanca de Ville by Hooper
chassis 4AF20 • 8-cylinder, 5.675cc
Dark Green / Light Green / Red Flag of Romania icon Ion Tiriac
Trofeo Rolls-Royce: To the most elegant Rolls-Royce by the Jury
Mention of Honor Class C: Sur Mesure et Haute Couture
028 C 1956 BMW 503 Coupé
chassis 69023 • 8-cylinder, 3.168cc
Grey metallic
HB-IS 503H (D)
Flag of Germany icon Heiko Seekamp
030 C 1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I Convertible
chassis SGE270 • 6-cylinder, 4.887cc
Black / Beige
AM 2375
Flag of Germany icon Orin Smith
032 C 1960 Bentley S2 Continental Fastback Coupé
chassis BC41LAR • 8-cylinder, 6.230cc
115 YUX (GB)
Flag of Monaco icon Fred Kritz
036 C 1968 Bentley T Speciale Pininfarina Coupé
chassis CBH4033 • 8-cylinder, 6.230cc
Grey metallic
32 RY (GB)
Flag of United Kingdom icon Anthony Bamford
Class C Winner: Sur Mesure et Haute Couture
C02 Concept 2016 Renault Alpine Vision Coupé
White Flag of France icon Renault
C04 Concept 2016 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept
chassis SCFLMCPZ9GGJ30000 • 12-cylinder, 6.0 litres
Dark Red metallic Flag of United Kingdom icon Aston Martin
C06 Concept 2015 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo
16-cylinder, 8.0 litres
Blue / Black Flag of France icon Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.
C08 Concept 2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed Track Car
Full Power Hydrogen
White Flag of Italy icon Pininfarina S.p.A.
C10 Concept 2016 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante by Touring
chassis 01/07 • 8-cylinder, 4.691cc
Light Blue metallic / Beige Flag of Italy icon Touring Superleggera
Design Award for Concept Cars & Prototypes: By Public Referendum at Villa Erba
C12 Concept 2015 Mazda RX Vision Red Flag of Japan icon Mazda Motor Corporation
034 D 1962 Facel Vega Facel II Coupé
chassis HK2-A194 • 8-cylinder, 6.286cc
Olive Green metallic (Silver roof)
D-FV 2000H (D)
Flag of Germany icon Hartmut Ibing
038 D 1954 Siata 208 S Motto Spider
chassis BS518 • 8-cylinder, 1.996cc
Beige (Brown softtop) / Beige Flag of Belgium icon Jan De Reu
040 D 1954 Fiat 8V Supersonic Ghia Coupé
chassis 106*000040 • 8-cylinder, 1.996cc
Dark Red metallic
DS-66-74 (US-MI)
Flag of Belgium icon Marc Behaegel
Mention of Honor Class D: Petite Performance
042 D 1954 Maserati A6 GCS Pinin Farina Berlinetta
chassis 2059 • 6-cylinder, 1.988cc
Red (White stripe) / Beige Flag of Monaco icon Destriero Collection
Trofeo BMW Group: Best in Show by the Jury
Class D Winner: Petite Performance
044 D 1956 AC Aceca Bristol Coupé
chassis AEX565 • 6-cylinder, 1.971cc
VD 40685 (CH)
Flag of Switzerland icon Francis Maret
Trofeo Automobile Club di Como: To the car driven from farthest away
046 D 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ Zagato Coupé
chassis AR10126 00170 • 4-cylinder, 1.290cc
White (Half unrestored)
PROVA MI 725 (I)
Flag of Italy icon Corrado Lopresto
FIVA World Motoring Heritage Year / UNESCO Patronage: Best Preserved Vehicle
048 D 1968 Fiat Moretti 850 Sportiva SS Coupé
chassis 0938337 • 4-cylinder, 903cc
Red Flag of Switzerland icon Patrick Bischoff
050 E 1952 Jaguar C-Type Roadster
chassis XKC 023 • 6-cylinder, 3.442cc
Red Flag of Switzerland icon Christian Jenny
052 E 1952 Ferrari 225 S Vignale Spider
chassis 0154 ED • 12-cylinder, 2.715cc
Red / Tan
YSY 568 (GB)
Flag of Spain icon José M. Fernández
054 E 1955 Fiat 8V Zagato Coupé
chassis 106*000063 • 8-cylinder, 1.996cc
Dark Grey metallic / Light Grey Flag of United States icon Jack Croul
Class E Winner: Daring to be Different
056 E 1955 Porsche 550 RS Roadster
chassis 550-0031 • 4-cylinder, 1.498cc
Silver (Dark Red strips, Orange wing)
BE 62682
Flag of Italy icon Ugo Gussalli Beretta
058 E 1957 Maserati 200 SI Fantuzzi Barchetta
chassis 2413 • 4-cylinder, 1.994cc
Red / Red Flag of Austria icon Egon Zweimüller
Trofeo ASI: To the best preserved post war-car
Mention of Honor Class E: Daring to be Different
060 E 1964 Simca Abarth 1300 GT Corsa
chassis 130S 0117 • 4-cylinder, 1.288cc
EE 41713
Flag of Greece icon Alex Vazeos
062 F 1952 Jaguar XK 120 Roadster
chassis 672282 • 6-cylinder, 3.442cc
Dark Grey / Red
MDU 420 (GB)
Flag of Switzerland icon Olivier WittibSchlager
064 F 1957 Dual Ghia Convertible
chassis 119 • 8-cylinder, 5.155cc
Grey / Grey
JLX 278 (US-CA)
Flag of United States icon Arnold Stevens
Trofeo Foglizzo: The best interior design by the Jury
Mention of Honor Class F: Cars of the Stars
066 F 1966 Ferrari 330 GTC Pininfarina Coupé
chassis 09099 • 12-cylinder, 3.967cc
Black / Cream
999978 ROMA (I)
Flag of Italy icon Carlo Confidati
068 F 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Scaglietti Berlinetta
chassis 10621 • 12-cylinder, 3.286cc
NDB 58E (GB)
Flag of United Kingdom icon David Moores
Class F Winner: Cars of the Stars
070 F 1975 Ferrari 365 GT/4 Berlinetta Boxer Spider
chassis 18553 • 12-cylinder, 4.390cc
Silver over Black / Beige Flag of Thailand icon William E. Heinecke
074 G 1951 Pegaso Z-102 Enasa Coupé
chassis 0102-150-0201 • 8-cylinder, 2.814cc
0 AZD 868 (B)
Flag of Belgium icon Johan Van Puyvelde
076 G 1953 Ferrari 250 Europa Vignale Coupé
chassis 0295 EU • 12-cylinder, 2.963cc
Maroon / Black Flag of United States icon Kevin Cogan
078 G 1953 Lancia Aurelia B52 Vignale Cabriolet
chassis B52-1097 • 6-cylinder, 1.991cc
Green metallic (Black softtop) / Dark Red
FA 859FN (I)
Flag of Italy icon Paolo Caldini
080 G 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Boano Coupé
chassis 0543 GT • 12-cylinder, 2.953cc
Black / Dark Red
BOAN 056 (B)
Flag of Belgium icon Laurent Levaux
082 G 1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Coupé
chassis DB4GT/0187/L • 6-cylinder, 3.670cc
Green metallic Flag of United States icon David Sydorick
Class G Winner: GT Man is Back
084 G 1968 Bizzarrini GT Europa 1900 Coupé
chassis B 504 • 4-cylinder, 1.897cc
BE 366007 (CH)
Flag of Switzerland icon Peter Mooser
Mention of Honor Class G: GT Man is Back
086 H 1971 Lamborghini Miura P 400 SV Coupé
chassis 4846 • 12-cylinder, 3.929cc
Bright Green metallic over Silver / Beige Flag of United States icon Adrien Labi
Trofeo BMW Group Italia: By Public Referendum at Villa Erba
088 H 1976 Lamborghini LP 400 Countach "Walter Wolf"
chassis 1120202 • 12-cylinder, 3.929cc
Blue (Gold rims) / Cream
EE 60925
Flag of Italy icon Jota Collection
Class H Winner: Driven by Excess
090 H 1980 Lamborghini Athon Roadster
chassis S155/01 • 8-cylinder, 2.996cc
Dark Grey / Beige Flag of Switzerland icon Albert Spiess
Trofeo Auto & Design: To the most exciting design by the Jury
Mention of Honor Class H: Driven by Excess
092 H 1982 Rolls-Royce Camargue Beau Rivage Coupé
8-cylinder, 6.750cc
IN-CM 83H (D)
Flag of Germany icon Sven Stockmar
094 H 1985 Aston Martin V8 Zagato Coupé
chassis 20011 • 8-cylinder, 5.341cc
E625 KYH (GB)
Flag of New Zealand icon John Dennehy
096 H 1986 Ferrari Testarossa Valeo 'Agnelli' Spider
chassis ZFFTA30B000062897 • 180º 12-cylinder, 4.943 cc
Silver (Blue stripes) / Dark Blue
TO 00000G (I)
Flag of United Kingdom icon Ronald Stern
098 I 1964 Austin-Healey 3000 MK III Roadster
chassis HBJ8/26754 • 8-cylinder, 2.912cc
Red (White top)
ARX 91B (GB)
Flag of United Kingdom icon John Corrie
100 I 1964 Porsche 911 Coupé
chassis 300055 • 6-cylinder, 1.991cc
GS-UV 333 (D)
Flag of Germany icon Rolf Richter
Mention of Honor Class I: Rally Cars
102 I 1965 BMC Cooper S
chassis A2S4-799687 • 4-cylinder, 1.293cc
Red (White roof)
GRX 195D (GB)
Flag of Italy icon Stefano Macaluso
104 I 1972 Ford Escort RS 1600
chassis BBATMR59901 • 4-cylinder, 1.850cc
RWC 455K (GB)
Flag of Turkey icon Claude Nahum
Class I Winner: Rally Cars
106 I 1973 Renault Alpine A110 Coupé
chassis 18385 • 4-cylinder, 1.795cc
Light Blue / White / Red
9846 HL 76 (F)
Flag of Germany icon Jürgen Clauss
108 I 1975 Lancia Stratos Bertone Coupé
chassis 829 ARO 01781 • 6-cylinder, 2.418cc
Red (Yellow rims)
CO 632810 (I)
Flag of Italy icon Marco Magnani
Trofeo BMW Group Ragazzi: By Young People’s Referendum (until the age of 16)