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Ferrari Story 30

  • Languages: English English Italian Italiano
  • Editor: Gianni Rogliatti
  • Publisher: Motor Italia
  • Publication: Softcover | 210 x 298 mm | 31 pages

Italian F 333 SP - L'Idea Ferrari - F 512 M - Le Ferrari dal '47 al '60 English 333 SP - The Ferrari Idea - F 512 M - Ferrari cars from '47 to '60

The cover depicts the F333 SP a car all new that means the return of Ferrari into the field of the competition sport cars. In this issue we describe the Berlin exhibition and the latest cars seen in 1994 but we can assure readers that new types will be presented, at least one every year. We also publish in cronological order all the types of Ferrari cars ever built, after a research that has taken years and, we hope, is complete and accurate.

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