When you mix a passion for motorsport with a passion for databases, the result will look somewhat like this website. Over the years I've been attending and reporting on many motorsport events, mostly Ferrari or classic car related. Furthermore I'm an avid collector of Ferrari books and have a weak spot for data collections. This website aims to be the cross-reference of all this.

Which car was at what event and where were the reports published ?

The first steps for this labour of love were made in 1998 on www.dacorsa.net and over the years more and more information was gathered, compiled, cross-referenced and interpolated. Putting it all online within the new technical structure at dacorsa.com will take several more months, while the big picture will probably never be finished. Every little piece of help is always greatly appreciated, each chassis-number or any other detail will help filling the plethora of blanks.

A few people however, I want to thank in particular:

  • Marcel Massini, for raising the bar on Ferrari historians and for generously sharing his time & knowledge
  • Keith G. Bluemel, for his inspiration and friendly coaching in the early years
  • Niels F. Schouten, for lending me his precious magazines and for the endless conversations on Ferrari books
  • Kerry Chesbro, for providing me with the scans of the unobtainables
  • Hugo Garritsen, for confirming I'm not the only carbook-nut
  • Henk J. Brouwer, for the thousands of nice km's we shared at events

Enjoy (and please add some details if you can)